Calum Chambers (On loan)


Possibility I suppose but wouldn’t we want him getting experience as a CB?

Maybe he’ll get time as a DM, that would be good.


I’m just wondering who’s our #2 RB now if Debuchy is off? I guess Coquelin probably makes the most sense.


well if Chambers can’t get game time with a team that just got promoted then he will never make it at Arsenal


Holding can play RB as well.

Will perform the exact same role Chmabers played prior i.e covering two positions and not getting a great deal of game time.


idk, we might need a right back sooner than later if Bellerin keeps blowing up.


I think it’s great he’s going to Middlesbrough. Far more likely to get a place in the team there and pick things up off a coach like Karanka. I was hoping he wouldn’t choose West Brom.

TalkShite are accusing him of lacking ambition by not choosing Roma or Valencia, but in actual fact he’s made the best move possible for him in terms of chance of playing time combined with Premier League exposure.

All this bollocks about “learning a new language, immersing yourself in a foreign culture, challenging yourself” is fine when you’re a few years older. Chambers is still very much a yoof and needs solid playing time ASAP. Not sure about the situation at Roma anyway, but Valencia have just signed a replacement centre back for Mustafi and I couldn’t envisage Chambers starting 25+ La Liga games this season for them.


Who did they sign?


They’re about to sign Ezequiel Garay from Zenit.


Enjoy the next 9 months in the land of the Smoggy’s Calum.


Hi Trion, hope you’re well.

Valencia have signed Sidnei from Deportivo La Coruna as a replacement for SHKODRAN.


I feel sorry for the lad . We don’t teach or practice defending so his decline was only to be expected once you don’t get match time .
Maybe he can learn at Boro !
I also wouldnt not have lent him out for the season but we do this everytime ,come february when all our CB’s are injured or suspended we might need him ! 4 months at Boro would give him enough match practice !



Hope it goes well for him. Will be a good learning curve, because he’ll have a lot of defending to do :slight_smile:


Good luck Calum. Hope you come best stronger.


He looks real happy there. …


[quote=“Arsenal4thetreble, post:95, topic:88, full:true”]
He looks real happy there. …
[/quote]You know what they say, it’s grim up North :wenger2:


Name our last defensive export to Middlesbrough for 10 points.


Justin Hoyte?




I have a good feeling about this loan. Karanka is a great defensive manager.

“I brought him here to help him because at the end of the season, the main thing is that we can stay in the Premier League and Calum can go back to Arsenal as a better player.

“I think when you are his age you need to play to keep learning. I spoke with him and he understood the best thing for his career was to come here, and to keep growing. For that reason I was really pleased. I knew he had a lot of offers.

“For sure, he will be a really good player for us. He is in the England Under-21 squad. He has a lot of good things already. He has to keep going and keep improving, but I believe he will go on to play for the senior team.

“Calum came here because Arsenal understood it is a good step for him. For us and for me it is a pleasure. I am really proud Arsenal as a club and Arsene, as a manager, sent him to us. I have to say thanks.”