Calum Chambers (On loan)


Can Liechsteiner play CB? Ivanovic-esque?


No, we need him as RB. Don’t fucking want Gucci boy as first choice.


Behnchode salay

Fucking dicks loaning Chambers for Vida. If this decision is an Emery thing, I’m afraid to say I might be coming round to @AbouCuellar side


Lol dunno why you’re taking the Vida thing so seriously man, that’s obvious bullshit. Twitter is warping your brain son. Chambers was loaned out cause we already have four CBs and he’s probably the worst/least talented of the five.


We’ll see.

I’d be fine with Chambers going to an extent, if we were getting a CB but a GOOD one ffs

Badly need CL next year so we can sort this properly, lack of CL is killing revenues and player desire to join.


Ah damn, lol.

Well, tbh, that’s less an Emery thing and more a Bald Cunt/Fraudlein MISSintat/ThreeFidsADay + Emery thing.

But yeah, end results the same, they’re all a bunch of incompetent cunts, with the possible exception of Fraudlein.


It doesn’t sound like 18 mil is too much for us. Hope so :mustafi:.


Best of luck Calum Chambers!


Chambers is the worst of all???

Mustafi is shit, Holding is raw, Mav is not proven at all…

If Chambers is that shit, the extension and loan are more shit.


Just seen Calum Chambers in today’s Fulham team and did a double take :open_mouth:

Kinda surprised but not at the same time.

I think Mustafi and Sokratis for most of the season is going to be excruciating for us, hoping that Greek Boy forces his way into the team quickly


Seeing how he’s performing today makes me laugh that people were shocked we sent him out on loan.

Holding and Mavropanos are both younger and have a much higher ceiling as far as I can tell.


Yeah, did sound like a bad game from him tbf


I’ve never been a big fan but the entire Fulham team is going to take some time to gel together. They’ve changed too much too soon so I don’t think the Fulham move was ever good for him. Think he’d have benefited more from joining a team with a more settled side.


He signed for them 4 days ago and has probably had 2 days worth of training (max) in that time.

Whilst it’s not a great start, it’s too early to say the decision to loan him out has been vindicated.


Yea. If we’d sold him I’d be proclaiming Svens genius mind! :smiley:


Of course, but I think the point will stand across the season that keeping him wouldn’t have made any difference to us. I was a little shocked at how many people thought it was a terrible decision to let him go.


Yeah, fair enough. Think we needed him from the perspective of numbers / squad depth but clearly, based on performances over the past few season, he’s not somebody that we should feel gutted to lose.

I still think there’s a good defender in there, and was hoping the new coaching staff would coax that back out. Or at least give him a chance to before loaning him out!

Looking more and more like the only reason we extended his contract was so that we could sell him on for a bit of money next summer.


Once we’ve been subjected to the hapless Mustafi for half a dozen games, you’ll all be praying for a Calum Chambers recall


Yeah the contract was just a case of us protecting the value of our asset basically. I always felt we’d be choosing between him and Holding ultimately, and with more time under his belt Chambers hasn’t convinced me that he’ll be the best of the two in the long run.

Throw Mavropanos into the mix who is believed to have the highest potential of the three and Chambers becomes the odd man out.


That’s entirely possible, but my main wish regarding Mustafi is that Emery organises the defence better as a unit which masks his flailing about like a lunatic.

He also needs to get dropped the moment he does his patented diving in off his feet when there’s no need for it. Wenger never held him accountable for his stupidity.