Calum Chambers (On loan)


Sven has

a) fallen out with genius Tuchel
b) perhaps had an important role in hiring/recommending Bosz?
c) apparently been 1 of 3 votes choosing Emery
d) not had the best first summer here

Lots of reasons to believe he is actually FRAUD MISSintat




Impossible. He would be their best CB.


Getting relegated, then. Pathetic trolling once again.


It is possible that there are clauses in the loan contract that Chambers has to feature in X number of games - or we have the right to terminate the loan and keep the wonga.


I’ve never heard of such an agreement/contractual stipulation before, but there are a lot of things I’ve never heard of and it doesn’t mean they don’t exist :smile:


Contracts can pretty much say anything, as long as it isn’t illegal… in general, there are certainly recall clauses and I am sure there are some with conditionals, although I suspect it is more binary b/c you can imagine the debates (“he didn’t feature x% b/c he had the flu in this game and niggle in that game…”)


I’d imagine once a club like Fulham starts paying the wage for Chambers it’s entirely their prerogative in how they use the player. At the same time I’d imagine we probably had a few suitors for him and a gentleman’s agreement for playing time would ultimately decide where he goes as much as a loan fee etc.


Thought we would not have this kind of shit transfer after Wenger’s gone…
Apparently not.

Holding and Mav should be loaned out, Mustafi should be gone, and Calum should be a rotation (if not starter) for us…



Shocking that we’ve got rid of Chambers on loan and are genuinely considering Vida lol


Hearing this bollocks about RCB and LCB or whatever and we have too many RCB which is why Chambers has to go, well why the fuck did we buy Sokratis then, who is a RCB when we had enough of them and not just spend that money (the money for Sokratis and whoever these jokers will get now- Vida?) on finding a top class LCB?

This stinks imo


Chambers going on loan isn’t a big deal to me. We’ve got Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding, and Mavropanos as natural CBs. Nacho can play there as well. Lichty, Bellerin, Kolasinac, and AMN are all capable out wide. We’ve got 9 decent enough defenders, plus Kosh when he returns. Sure I’d like an upgrade on Mustafi but I don’t think losing Chambers is a massive issue.


As @Electrifying mentioned, it was not necessary to buy Sokratis.
Mustafi, I want him gone, he is like a bomb that nobody know when he will give up defending but raising his hands only.
Holding is NOT better than Calum, and Mav hasn’t proved ANYTHING at all. They are the younger guys and should be the one to get on loan, not a 23 year old who contributed more.

I agree that it is not really a big deal, Calum is not the “CORE” player, but this kind of transaction really baffles me.


Holding may not be better right now but his superior athleticism gives him a higher ceiling than Chambers, especially for a team that presses a lot. My guess is that Emery wants to keep Holding around because he might become a top level player whereas he has decided that Chambers won’t ever reach a very high level so why invest more time in him.

The bottom line is that Emery clearly doesn’t rate Chambers and doesn’t see him as part of the future. The idea that he just needs more experience doesn’t wash. The guy has 94 first team appearances between Soton, us, and his prior loan and he’ll turn 24 in the middle of this season.


Is vida really that bad?


This is definitely a reasonable way of looking at it, but the action of bringing someone in like Vida instead seems pointless, at least at that cost. Having said that, my only impression of Vida is the WC and I didn’t think he was bad, but others clearly don’t rate him… I guess we’ll see if this goes through.

My gut instinct is that Holding has more upside than Calum, but not by much… and with Moose looking like lost cause, Papa looking awful so far, and Mavro still quite unproven, meh not inspired by our defense… hopefully our change in system and organization will lead to significant improvements and somehow Papa and Vida are better than I expect.


We don’t know - lots of people seem to indicate that - I have very little to go on other than WC and didn’t think he was bad…


Got to the final haha


Why would it be gone?
Wenger was needlessly blamed for an organizational tasks.


Yeah it is one reason to at least not commit seppuku on our defense quite yet :poldi: