Calum Chambers (On loan)


So keep a past it Koscielny and a dumb Mustafi?


If we get a pretty healthy fee then we should sell, sign someone superior from some other league as a replacement.


What’s our homegrown quota saying?

If we lose Wilshere, possibly Welbeck too then Chambers / Holding become more valuable to us in that sense.


There’s Ramsey, Bellerin, Iwobi but I’m not sure we’re making full use of the 25 man squad because there were spaces last year. There’s also Maitland Niles and Nelson coming through. Then you ask if you want to give any youth players game time.


Has Cech been here long enough to be “naturalised”, is that even vaguely a rule?! Haha


:laughing: If he applies for British citizenship, if he already isn’t? :thinking: Otherwise it has to do with how many years a player been at a club/country before you turn 21(?). Or something.


It only has to do with that. Three years at a club/clubs before the player turns 21.


We can fill this quota with any number of yoof coming through, so shouldn’t be an issue continuing the BritishCore cull that began last season






Explains Sokratis, and not a younger centre back, a lot better anyway.


I’m not no and I really like the fact we’re keeping him.

Some think he’s not good enough but I’ve always thought he’s got what it takes, after last season he deserves a shot to play more. He put in some very good performances especially in the EL and was our most consistent CB.

Holding may need to go out on loan IMO, Chambers was comfortably ahead of him in the pecking order.


A semi-shocker tbh. He really needs to step up this season then. Has been a shocking signing so far. Hopefully he will grow taller, get some sprint speed and build some muscle for next season, otherwise we have another Jenkinson situation.


How has he been shocking?

Not sure some realise how tough these young defenders have it playing under Wenger’s no system approach, no young defender excels for long. After promising starts him, Bellerin and Holding tailed off, it was a sure thing under Wenger.

He shouldn’t be compared to Jenkinson ever who is barely a PL level player.


So Holding is leaving?


Big news for Calum and a reassuring one at that. I think we’ll finally see whether he’s worth his salt in a more organised team (the same can be said for a lot of these players too). Maybe an eye on the future too from an Arsenal business point of view. English CB’s are like gold.

I rate him, he’s shown glimpses of his potential but I never felt he got a chance under Wenger. Arsene seems sketchy with his defensive picks, going with what worked and stubbornly stuck with it through thick and thin.

Glad for him!


No pace, no height, no strenght, decent pass. Holding is the better talent imo. Hopefully he wont get much playing time.


Hope he isn’t on to much coin, has the potential to be another one of those average players on big contacts that we can’t move.


Further proof that signing a new deal doesn’t mean the same now as it did under Wenger.

I think alot of the new contracts are partly about asset protection and increasing the club’s leverage which is smart


Yes!! He’s was class last season. Good to see Unai wants him