Calum Chambers (On loan)


I really like Chambers.

This is a good look.


Quite happy with this. He has yet to meet my expectations (perhaps my fault for expecting too much…) but has time on his side, and certainly knows his way around PR.

Could be a huge season for him.


Good. I know he can do well for us.


Chambers is a tough one, only young and has some quality, not sure if he has the quality required to be a consistent starter for a top club though.


why not? We have had Jenkinson start for us, he is quite safe in comparison :arteta:


To be fair, he had a solid season with Boro. And he was a first choice CB for England U21s in the summer. He has the experience and potential to get better. Plus, he is cover for both CB and RB.


Speculative nonsense here, however I wonder if this means that Mustafi is definitely off next summer? With Mert retiring/Shkod leaving, it certainly opens up a space for him. Maybe the club have given him assurances that they’ll give hm a starting position during that transition.

I’m fine with that if so. It’s not like we set the bar high here at Arsenal that we expect Calum to be a peak Nesta from the moment he steps in!


Absolutely no way Wenger has done that in my opinion. But an interesting thought all the same.

I wonder if perhaps it’s less a guaranteed spot and more a step uo on the rotation list.


It’s a shot in the dark I’ll give you that! Generally though, I expect to see him get onto some squad sheets soon enough. They must have twisted his ear one way or the other.


Young defenders need loads of time. Chambers still has potential to be decent. No complaints here.


on Calum Chambers…
He is back in full training and available after the international break as well.


That’s good.
Welbeck and Chambers are back.
Guardiola must be quaking in his boots after hearing that.


Think there is a good defender in there but we’ve not coaxed that out of him or seen that much improvement since he joined.

In fact, his best performances for us were when he first joined. Seems that the longer he has spent as a defender under our coaching / tactical regime, the further he has stagnated.

Another manager would most likely get a great deal more out of him. Happy he is staying on.


That’s assuming we do any tactical defensive coaching :wink:

I agree, he could be a good player and certainly good enough for a squad place in our team.
He is still young for a CB, and along with Holding and a new manager, when we eventually get one, they have the potential to be very good squad players or even first team players.

Like you, I’m glad we didn’t sell him, because with Gabriel leaving and Mertesacker going after this season, as well as Kos and his fitness problems, we will need to spend a fortune on new defenders.


Thoughts on his performance?


Think he was generally good, got a little tight to Zaha a couple times but 1) he’s rusty as hell and 2) Zaha is one of the in form wingers in the league atm.

Chambers to me is still a big talent but has fallen foul of being in the care of Wenger and his brand of non-existent defensive coaching. Same thing is happening to Bellerin and Holding.


I thought he looked shakey, made a mistake or 2. Not confident in him tbh


He barely plays so it’s normal to see these kind of performances.


I thought he played pretty well actually.


At first i was like who tf is that big ass mother fucker wearing 21? Chambers looks bigger, bulkier.