idiots in California want to secede from the US lmao :facepalm:

I couldnt be arsed reading about it…whats the legal standing in potentially doing so?

Send back the colonists.

If there was any legal potential, several southern states would already have done it



Yes exactly. It is possible but very unlikely because an amendment would have to get 2/3’s approval and there’s a bunch of legalites that make it almost impossible. Cristo is so right, Texas has tried to secede before as well.

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The US is just one big happy family, hey

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Pretty sure Texas, Louisiana and Alabama would have done it if they could. Not sure if other states like Georgia, Tenessee and Missouri would be that bothered but I get the feeling the first three would haha

Texas is the only state with the right to secession in its Constitution.

I agree… idiots…

respect the outcome…

Well, given that the previous attempt at secession resulted in the civil war I’d say the possibility (legal or otherwise) of this happening is non existent

@Calum @Electrifying coughbrexitcough :wink:


Have I been vocal on here against it? Lol it might give us a new reason to have another independence referendum which we have a good chance of winning this time. So it might work out a good thing for us :wink:

There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on but one thing I will not do is tell people that anything is not possible and I will not tell anyone to relax and calm down and see what happens. That’s what the world said/did during the entire 1930’s.


The Scots had their chance, if the matter is going to come up again maybe this time the rest of the UK should vote on whether it wants to keep Scotland. I think @Calum would still get the outcome he wants :smile:


Didn’t the previous two governors of California leave under a huge cloud of misery? Would President Schwarzenegger have made an independent California great?

Still, I really don’t understand the USA (prepare for some uninformed ignorance ahead). It just seems like a strange concept to have what’s effectively most of a continent, with 50 states which are effectively countries and have them ruled centrally but with a lot of devolved power.

If you have places that can be 65/35 for one way, and 35/65in the opposite direction, why bother have those places United? Why not just be separate countries? What do they have in common apart from pledging allegiance to the same flag?


Pooling and sharing of resources between states as well as a huge single market in which to exploit further. 50 individual states would get more protectionist against other states limitimg growth and potential size of industries, reducing americas soft power on a global scale. (EU > USA but all the biggest companies are American).

There would be mass influx of investment into specific states which would snowball and there would be no central government to redistribute this wealth to other areas within America.


Fuck that lol. Go for it Cali, take Washington and Oregon with you, and with President Schwarzenegger!

I wish mate. You guys would do us a huge favour by telling us to fuck off, I’d love it.

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