Bye all!

As many of you have no doubt noticed, i haven’t posted in a few weeks. the truth is i simply can’t make the adjustment to this new format. I didn’t want to simply disappear as it would be extremely disrespectful to all of you. i’d like to thank all of you for everything, and my only regret is that i couldn’t contribute more positively to the forum.

Love me, loath me, or if you’re just indifferent to me, i’d like to wish each and everyone of you my sincerest best wishes and all the luck in the world.

g4e out :slight_smile:


All respect, sir! You’re one of my favourite persons here. You’ll defiantly be missed. All the best!

No!! :anguished: Don’t like this at all. Hope you reconsider some day!
All the best.

Shame to see you go man. :frowning: But I understand, The new site isn’t for everyone. I thought it was a massive change from the start but knew I’d get along with it. That said, I do still miss vBulletin. Been using that software on various sites in all it’s different versions for the best part of a decade.

All the best, mate! :slight_smile: (TheDoctor)

Sad to see you go g4e! Good luck in the future :slight_smile:

Peace out! Hopefully one day you’ll find the energy to come back and get used to the new format, it is good once you’re in it.

Seeya :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Well i’m not going to pretend to understand your decision, it’s reading and writing words at the end of the day, but it’s your decision to make and I respect it.

We didn’t see eye to eye on a number of things but i feel like we were able to bury the hatchet in recent years and i do think you’ll be missed around here, for the most part.

All the best with everything and sure you know where we are if you change your mind. :thumbsup:

Bye mate! Thank you for being a part of this community!

It’s a shame because you are a great poster.
All the best, and I hope you visit here now and again.

Ahh mate that’s a shame!

I always liked you as a poster even if I did make fun of some of your theories on politics etc.

The forum is poorer off without you I’d say and I’ll miss the contributions of a veteran poster.

I for one hope you reconsider and come back in the future!

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out


Mate im gutted your gone. Best of luck as I know you havent had the best since ive been around.
Thought youd come to terms with the site. Ive struggled getting into the season more than the site tbh. Sure thats not your problem too.
Last season took its toll on many of us imo. Take it easy for now and feel free to comeback anytime mate.

you’ll be back at least one more time to check how many replies this thread has had. #humannature :joy:

Do come back though, nowt wrong with dipping in and out of the forum every few months / years etc.


Because of the format! Sod off.

Start posting again immediately.

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At Least now you’ll have more time to read right wing conspiracy blogs

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Shame you couldn’t feel comfortable with the new site. Rather than say this is a goodbye, maybe you just need a ‘sabatical’ from the Forum. People come and go from here but many later come back. You probably just need a break more than anything. The Forum will keep on evolving and who knows, maybe in the future it’ll be more to your liking.

Laters mate.

Application to leave rejected. :blush:

Savage af :coq:

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Looks like I’m all alone in my conspiracy theories then. Well I2004 is gone as well so nobody really to argue against me anywyas :santi2: