Buying ticket for home games

Hi, I would like to take my two sons to an Arsenal home game, and I’m looking for advice as to the best way to purchase tickets.

I looked at the main Arsenal site and they say I would have to take our Red memberships which would allow access to the red ballots.

If I was to do this, what are the chances of getting tickets?

Also, can anyone advise of any other ways to purchase tickets.

Thanks in advance

Depends on budget too - tickets have been in high demand - so you would need 3 Red Memberships and then it is really get lucky.

If money is less of an object then some hospitality tickets are available but they are expensive, something like this

With the way the ballot is now working, I would ensure you are online for the given red membership dates to enter the ballots and go for every game.

Ballot system is a welcome change. Looking forward to actually getting some tickets this season. Last season was a myth for Red membership.

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