Burnley vs Arsenal (PL)

Burnley vs Arsenal

Sunday 2/2 at 2pm
Premier League


  • Burnley win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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These are due against us.

The Ginger Mourinho might finally shift his phlegm

Due a break against us and unless we control midfield they’ll cause us problems. Wood will score 2 1 clarets.

Auba has a great record vs Burnley.

0-3 to the famous red and white

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Nah don’t buy the “they’re due a win”. If they want to win they need to earn it, which they won’t, because they are shit. Yes, they’re level on points with us, but we’re still miles above them in terms of talent. Going for an easy win for us here.

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We need to win this to show we are ready to move forward against lesser teams.
2-0 to the Arsenal

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Brexit party for Dyche and the town. We won’t beat that.

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It’s hard to work out who is the lesser team as we’re both on the same amount of points. :wink:

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Dunno about final score, but away from home, these guys will kick lumps out of us, and whatever Pollock the FA has decided will ref our game will allow them to do that with impunity.

Then Dyche will have another moan about diving in the PL.

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They are the lesser team, we are the better team doing badly.

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If we don’t win this game and Liverpool win, it means that we can’t mathematically catch them.
I can’t remember that happening before, after only twenty five games.

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I can’t stand Dyche with his victim mentality and continual moaning about bigger clubs getting all the decisions, with his irritating voice, that sounds like he eats gravel for breakfast.

If he doesn’t think Burnley are big enough for him, why doesn’t he move to a bigger club?

I hope they get relegated, then he might realise that when Burnley are the the big fish in the small pond of the Championship, that what he says about the big clubs getting the decisions is nonsense.

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Did you think we were going to catch them ?

Don’t think I’ve heard him mention that Burnley aren’t big enough for him.
Does a great job in the main for Burnley. Very rarely end up fighting relegation. Out performs Howe with net spends but Eddie is a darling of the media for some reason.

I’m going to be bold and predict a draw

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We’re ahead on goal difference so if we beat them we should do.
I’m not sure about some of the other reams that we normally finish ahead of like Wolves Southampton, Everton, Sheffield United etc.
This could be the season where we could be, not only spurs and Leicester but some teams that usually finish mid table as well.

It’s probably because Howe is a bit more media friendly.
You could say Howe is the Wenger to Dyche’s Ferguson.

You really couldn’t.

Win here and we can get to within 1 point of Tottenham and 8 from 4th placed Chelsea.

I like Burnley and Sean Dyche but this part really made me laugh

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