Burnley Vs Arsenal (PL)

Sunday 12 May
Premier League Game 38
Turf Moor
KO: 15:00

No one gives a fuck but Sunday is my birthday haha so would be a nice present to end the PL season with a win! COYG

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Burnley win
  • IDGAF rest everyone

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We need to win.

Just in case Watford win the cup and we fuck up the final and end up having to start our season in July.

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Well fuck thats a good point :joy:

I came in here to say play the youngsters but now I find out we actually need to win this game. ffs

EDIT: Play the youngsters. If we start in July, so be it. The bastards would deserve it. They’ll know what will happen if they put up a stinker versus Chelsea.


We will lose this. Burnley will be up for it and are due a win. Eddie will at long get a game and we just cant risk the front two. Without them two we cant win so 2 0 to ginger ninja.

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Watford aren’t winning the cup, or I’m at least willing to take the risk that they won’t and we could still win the Europa if they do, so rest players in this one please.

Burnley 2-0 Arsenal.

This should be considered as an open day, when Emery plays all the deadwood so that we can find suitable buyers.

At the very least show some pride in the league, you pricks. 1-2 to The Arsenal.

Can’t focus on this game so preserve striker health, but I’d rather not finish behind OGS’s Utd.

Let’s say we win 5 nil and the scum lose 3 nil, would we finish 4th?

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What’s the tie breaker?

1)Goal Difference.
2)Goals Scored.
3) Tie-Breaker Match.

Forget it @BigWeng_4LYFE, we aren’t playing our full strength team in the hope we win by 5 goals and spurs lose by 3.

If we had beaten Palace & Brighton at home, we’d be sitting 3rd even with our disgusting away form.

It’s gonna happen, i’ll never not believe that the scum won’t bottle every good thing they have a possibility of accomplishing. Auba needs to play anyways to win the golden boot. We’ve got plenty of time before the EL final.

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I wouldn’t play our strongest team, the league is over and done with now. I think the likes of Leno, Miki, Mustafi, Guendouzi, Licensteiner, Elneny, Iwobi, Nketiah, Mavropanos and Jenko should all get a run out and give a few youngsters who are going to step up to first team next season a taste of PL football like Wilcock and such.

I wrap up the first team in cotton wool until the EL final.

We’re gonna win 4-0 and spuds lose by 3. :santi:


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Loki up to his usual tricks trying to prove us all wrong again with Elneny and Guendouzi in the middle.

Lol zero fucks given about this game :arteta:

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