Burnley vs Arsenal (PL) 0-5

Burnley vs Arsenal

:stadium: Turf Moor
:calendar: Saturday 2024-02-17T15:00:00Z
:soccer: Premier League


  • Burnley win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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6-0 Arsenal. Lets go!


Let’s get 12 this time fellas!! COYG



Our star strikers Gabriel and Saliba once again


Another wide win would be lovely.

I did not check the poll, but who the fuck voted Burnley win???

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Bro u can literally go look by scrolling up lol

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4-0 Arsenal come on.

@Flexo you drunk :woozy_face:

OA heritage.


Another bad team, although they caused a few problems for Pool for a while. Stay organized and press. Hopefully get an early goal and just crank up pressure

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What I’ve noticed with them is that they strangely fair better away from home.

I guess it shouldn’t be strange though. I think they’re much more adventurous at home and decide to take on teams head on which can leave them open at the back.

Whereas away from home, they are willing to sit deeper and soak pressure.

Coincidentally, all of us, Liverpool and City have beaten them 3-1 at home.

Looks like some nice countryside around there. Now prepare your arse for surgery, Burnley.

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I’ll say Burnley 0-2 Arsenal.

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@Flexo and myself going for the mother of all I told you so.


I am going for 3-0 to us :crossed_fingers:

This is incredibly generous. They are shit wherever they play


I thought Jesus would come back sooner. Can’t believe his fitness problems.


I don’t believe this unless they mention “per source”.

Zinchenko and Jesus becoming as frustrating as ESR now. I guess we could give more minutes to Ethan.

There’s no point rushing anyone back now. We gotta make sure when we’re back from the international break in March, most of the squad is available, and this is out of the horse(Arteta)'s mouth.