Yeah, I believe he used to rub management off because he used to arrive on a hoverboard or some shit like that. :arteta:

It wasn’t for this but it should have been.


It was cited as one of the reasons in the media.
They listed things like this and him riding a motorcycle as signs of him being too immature, that rubbed both the management and the players the wrong way.

They actually weren’t doing too bad under him before he got sacked. Dude had Choupo Moting scoring nonstop like Lewandowski, lol.


Tommy T been looking funny in the like for a good while now

Even when at Chelsea didn’t think he was really that guy

LOL, Harry Kane has brought his spursiness with him to Bayern. They got slapped tonight. Granit & Xabi Alonso still unbeaten. :grimacing:

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Fuck no one show Carragher this


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Did Bayern loan out Stanisic and help out their rival?

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Was the loss against Roma in the EL last season the last match Leverkusen lost?

No was for Madrid just it’s no surprise :grimacing::grimacing:

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Have a word with your boy Carra you NONCE


Big time fraud, glad he’s been slowly exposed.

Bayern should sack Tuchel and raid spurs again for Ange and Maddison. :grinning:

Apparently a 71 minute first half in the Stuttgart game. HT right now.

what happened? Medical emergency?

Apparently a protest against investor plans. Seems like it’s been going on in different games for a few weeks now.

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It was bad day for hate watching but it does look like the day left me with a present. Bayern have lost again.
Title’s pretty much decided.

Out of the cup.

They’re certainly not winning the CL.

Tommy Tuchel being the worst Bayern coach of the modern era is very fitting for hin as a Spurs supporter.


Tuchel is the first man to lose two one-horse races in two different leagues.
One with PSG and now one with Bayern. Truly legendary accolades.

8 points opened up now.
I can’t find a single Leverkusen match which is cheaper than 100 euros

Bayern were chasing the title so they decided to strengthen their squad by bringing in Dier…


and Loan out Stanisic to Leverkusen who didn’t have their starting defenders(Koussonou & Tapsoba) to Afcon