Anything on that German uberleague.

@Persona, it’s your league :wilshere:. Bayern are gonna walk it again, as Borussia are losing many key players again.

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SportBild reporting Mario Goetze is about to re-sign for Borussia Dortmund for a fee of €28m.

Ze Germans… They just love their Red Bull. :wink:

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An Austrian company competing for the German Bundesliga… yea, I’d be furious too


@Persona, did you know it? I tell you this because i know you are a great Dortmund fan :ozil2: :giroud:

Yes, I’ve known this for a while. I believe we spoke about it on the old site once?

Dortmund’s wonderkid in action:

Dembélé is making United look like a bunch of amateurs at the moment. Scored another wonderful goal.

Still can’t believe they only paid 15m for him

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Oh come on, Luca. I’ve been rubbing that in since forever!:stuck_out_tongue:

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I have always thought they were antiracist.

Trust Persona to support any (questionable) German club (with a questionable fan base)


Who needs Hummels, when Bartra can play passes like that?


Btw, would appreciate it if someone could post a reliable stream. None of the ones I find, are really working.

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Good and fast game so far. Borussia had a big chance with Aubameyang some minutes ago, but Hummels saved it with a last-ditch tackle.

Tuchel is bae. :heart_eyes:

Borussia are already full of energy, while we looked dead today.

This one seems alright.


Should look into downloading Acestream if you’re on Windows (or using Wine on mac although can be unstable), I’m able to find good HD streams consistently for mosts games.

Great save by Neuer on Ramos! Dortmund have played a great first half.

Thanks! Ye, I’m on windows, but don’t think I’ll download Acestream or anything similar. Usually, I just stream these games legally on the Eurosport website. The season just hasn’t started yet, so I haven’t bothered to renew my subscription just yet (would be a watse of money, since you pay every month)

Will have it sorted out as soon as the Bundesliga begins. Thanks for the help anyway :slight_smile: