Bundesliga Thread


I was running a school trip to Berlin this week and visited the Olympic Stadium where Hertha Berlin play. It’s got to be the stadium most deserving of a better team in the whole of Europe, absolutely incredible to behold, even when empty.


Blimey, that is a great stadium!


Am I correct in thinking it held the 2006 world cup final?


Yeah, and the Champions League final a lot more recently.


They did loads of cool as fuck lead in shots through the gap into the stadium during that World Cup. :slight_smile:


Schalke-Mainz today.
Schalke up at HT.
Schalke win it 2-0 in the end.


Dortmund and Leipzig up at HT.


Jadon Sancho made his debut for Dortmund.

Who gave a 0-2 lead away.


Great! Dortmund are worse than Arsenal. Bottlers.


Bayern still 0-0 at HT against Hamburg :cech:
1-0 FT for Bayern. They are top now.



Really like this from Kalou and Hertha.

Enjoyed the comments from the Arsenal legend.


The original message has been distorted into an anti trump protest. Think the people who started knelling after the the President further inflamed and in turn publicized the issue are weak willed individuals who got swept up in a popular resistance movement against a almost universally disliked President.

Hertha Berlin players weren’t interesting in taking a knee when the original protest started over a year ago or when the fatal shooting incidents, which motivated the protest initally, happened. It’s PR pure and simple that doesn’t really do anything or anybody

Not sure why Germans generally feel the need to show how Liberal and progressive they are, it’s probably motivated by some kind post WW2 guilt


Savage. But true.

Nobody would be kneeling apart from kaepernick if trump hadn’t said that stuff.

It always felt a bit weak to me everyone jumping on the bandwagon, but if it helps bring about change I can’t be angry about it.

Hopefully the original message comes back though, that this is about black people getting killed and not trump.


As always you do not resolve issues by creating drama.


The DFB Pokal second round is taking place this week. Ingolstadt, Dortmund, Mainz, Eintracht, Gladbach, Leverkusen, Paderborn, Schalke, Cologne, Stuttgart, Nurnberg and Wolfsburg are already qualified.
Bayern playing against Leipzig atm. 0-0 at HT.


Jesus, he’s really stressed about his impending move to Liverpool isn’t he?


Image him in the Premier League :arteta:. 10 red per season.


Bayern down!
1-1 Thiago.
ET for Bayern.


5 mins until PENALTIES.


Let’s buy Leipzig keeper. He is a wall.