Bundesliga Thread




Gifted to Auba by Ilsanker. :joy:


Trump can go fuck himself. :joy:

Just seems a bit cringe for a team from Berlin to piggyback on the big US issue.


1-1 Leipzig :expressionless:


Sabitzer header from a set piece.


2-1 Leipzig FFS! Dortmund starting to fucking it up.
2-1 Leipzig at HT. Wake the fuck up Dortmund! :sanchez2:


I think it’s important that sports stars use their influence in the way that Berlin have done today.


Meh…red for Dortmund and penalty to Leipzig. 3-1. The league is over.
Leipzig down to 10 men as well.


A penalty and red card for this… :eyes:


Robbed FFS!
Penalty to Dortmund! 2-3 and game on!


VAR just gave a penalty to BVB. Converted by Auba. Game on 2-3.


2-3 FT. Dortmund were shite in the first half and only really came on after the red card for Leipzig. Bruma for RB was superb.


First defeat for Dortmund. Bayern are coming.


That TakeAKnee campaign is such a bullshit drama.
I have never seen any issue resolved by creating a scene.

Hate it when Sports is being used for political agenda.


Should’ve been all over Jean Kevin-Augustin this summer. Fucking annoying how literally every single French talent of note slips through our hands, it’s as if Wenger is doing it on purpose.


being saying for ages there is no fucking way we are so blind that we have missed out on retty much every single talent going when wenger used to be renouned for this very thing. I think his ego has gotten so big that now he feels ‘i wont buy talent anymore i will buy who no one expects as they are not so good but i will make them good or make them play elsewhere i will make this shit player great’

i feel this cunt of a man is literally sabotaging Arsenal now because he feels he fucking can he pisses around and gets a new contract its almost like he is testing boundaries ‘how far can i go before i get my ass kicked, woooooow this is so far but nothing even a new contract wow’


Nah, it’s not that complicated, Mav. It’s more like: hmm, I could buy JKA, but I’ve got Danny Welbeck.


still is sabotage because lets face it even if welbeck was good (which he isnt he just puts in a shift) he never is fucking available!


JKA is a fucking diving twunt. But I’m not bitter. :eyes:


Summer 15 when Martial moved to United & the summer after, I said on the old forum we should try stealing him off PSG.

Next one will be Alec Georgen, major talents PSG do nothing with, no game time and no loan.


Wasn’t there a serious rumour we were in for him the last day of the the 2015 summer window? Or 2014 was it? (it was then I first heard of him and took an interest in him)

Never heard of Alec Georgen but we should also be looking at Lo Celso, Guedes, or Draxler. One of them has to be left out of the fold there/get tired and realise there’s no future.


Always bugs me when supporters question our scouting department ability. Wenger, as the manger has the final say regarding who comes in and composition of the 1st team.

I guess this is where one of the pros of having a DoF or Sporting Director in place can be beneficial. They can liaise with scouting to buy talents independently from the manager at a relatively low financial cost.

Most up and coming young talents are ‘known’ to most top clubs