Bundesliga Thread


Annnd he’s gone


Great signing for Hoffenheim.


fuckk offf

So that’ll be one year at Hoffenheim and off to Bayern or Dortmund, then. He’s never coming back. :disappointed:


Cuellar is experiencing a Serge of emotion right now. He needs his name changed to AbouGnabry.


Do we have a buyback on him?



@AbouCuellar any information on this? :campbell:


Nope but his release clause is cheap af


Indeed, I feel so mournful I could sing a Derge and in that way ward off the insaGnabrity that I feel overcoming me.



1860 are in trouble.

1860 Munich will no longer play in the professional leagues and their entire existence is in doubt after majority shareholder Hasan Ismaik refused to pay the licensing fees required for them to play in the third division.


Also, MGG is set to stay at Wolfsburg. MGG-Jonker dream team. :rosicky:


Why have Leverkusen signed a head coach who finished 3rd (promoted) in 3.Liga?


Matthias Ginter signs for Gladbach. Wasn’t he really highly rated?


No, he is overrated.


Won’t be playing at the Allianz anymore either. Lease has been terminated.



Another greedy cuntish owner who ruined a club.


5 minutes into Ron Robert-Zieler’s Stuttgart debut… :giroud3:






Over to you, @CunningLinguist


Hipster 1 calling hipster 2.


And you flame :mustafi: