Bundesliga Thread


Jadon Sancho nice finish to put BVB up 1-2 in the Revierderby.




Think tonight was Dortmund’s first loss of the season in the league ? Disappointing loss also, opening the door a little for Bayern before the winter break.


If you think Arsenal’s medical team was bad, Bayern’s team must be bunch of college dropouts.


Maybe you are forgetting Santi? :santi:




Big win for Dortmund against a quality side heading into the winter adjournment.


Did City put a buyback clause on this badboy?


To my recollection they have a sell on clause and loads of add one but that’s about it.


Does that even matter for them, rich cunts


As those above said City don’t have a buy-back clause, but it probably won’t matter anyway :grin:


I’d rather see Dortmund get a shit ton of money for him and not a pittance, is the angle I’m coming at it from.


Ahh my bad, I thought you meant in relation to us potentially signing him. Yeah they should be able to demand pretty much whatever they want him!


Our boys have responded well to the first defeat of the season. Gonna be a great batte against Bayern now. @Persona






The Bundesliga is back today with Hoffenheim-Bayern.


Bayern have looked good, been all over Hoffeinheim tonight.


Bayern 2-0 up at HT.

1-0 Bayern

2-0 Bayern

Hoffenheim pull one back.

3-1 Bayern FT.


Augsburg-Dusseldorf, Francoforte-Freiburg, Hannover-Werder, Leverkusen-Gladbach, Stoccarda-Mainz and Leipzig-Dortmund.
Mainz up.

2-0 Mainz

1-0 Werder

1-0 Frankfurt

1-0 Gladbach

2-0 Frankfurt

3-0 Frankfurt

1-0 Dusseldorf

Frankfurt, Werder, Gladbach, Mainz and Dusseldorf up at HT.

1-1 Augsburg

2-1 Dusseldorf

3-0 Mainz

3-1 Stuttgart

3-2 Stuttgart

3-1 Freiburg

Frankfurt, Werder, Gladbach, Mainz and Dusseldorf win.
Dortmund up at HT.

Dortmund win so they are still 6 points above Bayern. @Persona