Bundesliga Thread


Who is Dortmunds front three? Reus and two guys I’ve never heard of?

Decent game so far tho




Yes Luca I can read the team :wink: I’m asking who they are haha


I only know Reus and Philipp ahah


New signings?


They bought Paco on loan from Dortmund.


Dortmund 0-0 at HT.


Reus unlucky at the end of the first half! Two great shots


Deserved the goal here.



Why arent we using Asano? WENGER OUT !


They need goalscorers at BVB. :grimacing:


0-0 FT. Thanks god Dortmund bought a good striker like Paco because they have no one upfront atm.


And back down to earth with a whimper, lol. 3 wingers up top and only one who can be trusted to get a decent goal return. Loaned in Alcacer but bought a midfielder(s) with the Auba money.


Great player this lad.


Penny-pincher bastards! Remind me of someone :mustafi:


Stuttgart-Bayern today.


First half’s results:

Ausburg-Gladbach 1-0

1-0 Augsburg

Frankfurt-Werder 0-1

1-0 Werder

Hoffenheim-Freiburg 0-1

1-0 Freiburg

Leverkusen-Wolfsburg 1-1

1-0 Leverkusen

1-1 Wolfsburg

Nuremberg-Mainz 0-1

1-0 Mainz


Nuremberg equalize with a bang!

Hoffenheim equalize as well. What a cock up from the keeper!

Neverkusen losing (as always!) and Frankfurt equalize.

2-1 Wolfsburg

1-1 Frankfurt

3-1 Wolfsburg!

Gladbach also equalize.

Good comeback from Hoffenheim. 2-1 now.

3-1 Hoffenheim

Werder win it right at the death!

Wolfsburg, Werder and Hoffenheim win, while Mainz and Gladbach draw.


Bayern up at HT. Nice goal!

3-0 Bayern FT.

2-0 Bayern

3-0 Bayern


Leipzig- Dusseldorf and Schalke - Hertha today.
Leipzig 0-0 at HT.