Bundesliga Thread


That gif just makes me think that everyone apart from blondie is listening to a banging house tune


Lol, got there before me.

Yeah, it’s because he’s not a good Bavarian boy, he’ll be ostracized like that East German they sent off to Madrid.

If he couldn’t please them, what chance does Thiago have? A Spaniard, and a symbol of how Pep came and ruined everything great and German about Heynckes teams and why they never won the CL since he left. (Nothing to do with persisting with the same pensioner players as they get older and older and shutter)


Hamburg are back to the winning way. 3-0 FT against Sandhausen.


Bayern win the German Super Cup 5-0 against Frankfurt. How did Frankfurt manage to beat them in may?

1-0 Bayern

2-0 Bayern

3-0 Bayern

4-0 Bayern

5-0 Bayern


The DFB Pokal starts today.
Darmstadt, Schalke and Wehen up at HT.

1-0 Darmstadt

1-0 Schalke

1-0 Wehen

Darmstadt, Schalke and Wehen are through.

2-0 Schalke

1-1 St. Pauli

2-1 Wehen

3-1 Wehen

3-2 St. Pauli


Bayern play today in the DFB Pokal.
Bayern 0-0 at HT. Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Wolfsburg and Dynamo Dresda draw as well. Leverkusen, Hoffenheim, Duisburg and Werder are up, instead.
Bayern win thanks to Lewa.

Duisburg, Wolfsburg, Hoffenheim, Nuremberg, Leverkusen, Ulm (they kicked the holders out!), Werder and Rodinghausen are through as well.


Mainz, Hamburg, Hansa Rostock and Sandhausen are the other teams to qualify.


How is Myller still the first man on the teamsheet ? :joy:


Why you bad mouthing a Bavarian Prinz? Am I right, @Electrifying :sunglasses:


And then he scores :joy:


Meh, Welbeck could score against * checks notes * hoffenheim


Nah but bundesliga has never been Mullers problem. It’s why he still gets picked.


I don’t like him but there is always something satisfying about a Muller goal from a corner




The :goat:




So what you’re saying is he’s shit every time the team is shit. Classic Mulcott.


FAVREIGN off with a bang! :muscle:


Hope that this 4-1 win for Dortmund is not a false dawn, but a sign that they can finally compete for the league with Bayern. Favre is a good manager so i trust him to do well.


Leipzig, Dusseldorf, Arminia, Augsburg, Weiche, Hannover, Heidenheim, Chemie Leipzig, Cologne, Kiel, Union Berlin, Gladbach, Paderborn, Freiburg, Hertha and Dortmund are through as well.


Hannover-Dortmund today.