Bundesliga Thread


Hoffenheim-Hannover today.
1-1 at HT.
3-1 Hoffenheim FT. They are 4th now.


Nagelsmann. The young genius :sunglasses:

Another assist for Gnabry too, though he went off injured straight after.


1-0 Hoffenheim

1-1 Hannover

2-1 Hoffenheim

3-1 Hoffenheim

He was considered a flop at Leicester :roll_eyes:


A cheeky bid for him in june? :henry2:


Bayern play Frankfurt, then there is a big clash for the relegation zone like Wolfsburg-Hamburg. Schalke-Gladbach and Leverkusen-Stuttgart the other interesting games.


Home wins for Freiburg and Wolfsburg and that stadium clock can stop ticking already


Fucking hell! Hamburg are staying up again! Dirty lucky fuckers! :neutral_face: 3-1 FT for them. Cologne got relegated, instead. Bayern win 4-1, while Schalke draw.


1-0 Hamburg

2-0 Hamburg

2-1 Wolfsburg

3-1 Hamburg


1-0 Gladbach


1-1 Schalke


1-0 Freiburg

2-0 Freiburg

2-1 Cologne

2-2 Cologne

3-2 Freiburg


1-0 Bayern

2-0 Bayern

2-1 Frankfurt


3-1 Bayern

4-1 Bayern

Leverkusen 0-0 at HT.
Stuttgart win so Hoffenheim overtake Leverkusen in 4th.



Mainz-Leipzig and Dortmund-Werder today.
Leipzig have completely collapsed in the last weeks. 3-0 Mainz FT.

1-0 Mainz

2-0 Mainz

3-0 Mainz


Dortmund 1-1 at HT. Reus has been on fire recently!

1-0 Dortmund

1-1 Werder


Good save denies Schuerrle the winner. :zipper_mouth_face:


1-1 FT. Dortmund fail to go level on points with Schalke.


Schalke have suspended Max Meyer for the remainder of the season.

He did accuse them of bullying and said he’s not motivated to play for them anymore, so fair enough really



Come to the Emirates, then!


33rd round-up today.


Mainz, Hannover, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Gladbach, Schalke and Stuttgart leading, while Werder draw.


1-0 Mainz

2-0 Mainz

2-1 Dortmund


1-0 Cologne


1-0 Schalke

1-1 Augsburg

2-1 Schalke


1-0 Frankfurt


1-0 Stuttgart


1-0 Gladbach


1-0 Leipzig

2-0 Leipzig



Freiburg Wolfsburg and Hamburg all losing, as you were.

Freiburg and Wolfsburg with possibly the nicer final day home fixtures, altho Wolfsburg haven’t won in a generation and have pressure-free Koln to play, who may go into beat Munich today!


BVB are crap at picking new managers. TT died for this. :sanchez2:



2-0 Hannover

3-0 Hannover


Just checked up on my guy Felix. No injuries this season, 3 apps in the Buli, 2 in Europa, 6 mins in the cup, 12 games in the lower leagues for Hoffenheim II.



This should finally be the end of HSV. It’s hard to pick a team you’d want to go down between them and Wolfsburg but after their stupid luck the last couple of seasons maybe it’s better for them to go down for once, so they can rebuild properly.


Wolfsburg pull one back.

Red Bull 2 goals up again.

Gladbach make it 2-0 and Bayern equalize.

2-0 Gladbach

1-1 Bayern

Freiburg pull one back and Bayern take the lead now.

2-1 Freiburg

2-1 Bayern

Leipzig kill the game off. 4-1.

4-1 Leipzig

3-1 Gladbach

3-1 Hertha

2-0 Frankfurt and 3-1 Bayern!

2-0 Frankfurt

3-1 Bayern

2-0 Stuttgart. @Persona :giroud:

3-0 Frankfurt! Maybe Hamburg are finally done!


Schalke win and qualify to the Champions League, while Dortmund lose and still need a point to qualify. Leverkusen draw, instead. Hoffenheim lose and Leipzig win so they are back in the race for the Champions League. Still a place in the relegation zone/playout for Hamburg, Freiburg and Wolfsburg. Cologne-Bayern Monaco 1-3 and Hannover-Hertha 3-1.