Bundesliga Thread


Leverkusen up at HT.

2-0 Leverkusen FT. Brandt with the 2nd.


Leipzig 0-0 against Stuttgart. They are dropping important points in the race for the Champions League.

Nice own goal by Frankfurt to give Dortmund the lead.

Dortmund up at HT.
3-2 Dortmund FT. Crazy game! Dortmund were leading 2-1 until 90’, then Frankfurt equalized, but Batshuayi made it 3-2 in the last minute of stoppage time!

1-1 Frankfurt

2-1 Dortmund

2-2 Frankfurt

3-2 Dortmund



Werder-Cologne is a big relegation game today.
Werder up at HT.


3-1 Werder FT. Cologne are almost fucked.

2-1 Werder


3-1 Werder



Freiburg and Stuttgart play today.
Stuttgart up at HT.
2-1 Stuttgart FT.


Schalke against Wolfsburg to defend the 2nd place.
1-0 Schalke FT. They remain 2nd.


Dortmund-Hannover, Cologne-Leverkusen and Leipzig-Bayern today.
1-0 Dortmund FT. They keep the 3rd place.
Cologne beat Leverkusen and keep their survival hopes alive.


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Leipzig is playing Bayern and nobody told me, let poor Lucabot do his job @Leper.


Ndombele show vs Marseille later too :slight_smile:


Sometimes even Bayern lose. Nothing change in the title race though.


Cologne on the way to staying up, I can almost smell it


The goals:


1-0 Schalke

Borussia Dortmund-Hannover

1-0 Borussia Dortmund. Superb golazo!


1-0 Cologne. Leno :grimacing:

2-0 Cologne. Leno the fucker again!

Leipzig-Bayern Monaco

1-0 Bayern

1-1 Leipzig

2-1 Leipzig


The trial for the bus bomber is happening in Germany at the moment.

Thomas Tuchel: “I think that the biggest dissent between Aki Watzke and me was that I was in the bus and he was not.”

Thomas Tuchel on the question of whether he would still coach BVB today without the attacks: “I would expect that, yes!”

As first witness says Felix Passlack now. At the moment of the explosion: "We were all very scared. Marc Bartra screamed. "

Felix Passlack on the consequences of the attack: "I had a long time of anxiety. I flinched at every little sound. "

As the next witness Sven Bender says: "I looked outside, as I always do. Shortly after the departure of the bus there was a loud bang. I saw a bright light and saw the hedge flying away. Then it pushed me to the left. "

Sven Bender on the judge’s question as he found himself having to play again the next day: "Unhappy. In retrospect, we all made a big mistake. I think we should not have played. "

Goalkeeping coach Wolfgang “Teddy” de Beer: “That’s been one thing you think about in retrospect: Oh, the number could have gone awry as well.”

Marcel Schmelzer: "I was really scared. A few players have thrown themselves to the ground, Marc Bartra has shouted. One saw the fear in the faces. "

Even Marcel Schmelzer considers the game against Monaco the day after the bombing in retrospect an error: "Absolutely. I think no player slept at night. But the bus ride the next day to the stadium was just bad. "The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Roman Weidenfeller confirms that he still seeks psychological help today. Within the team, the attack was “still an issue”.

BVB physiotherapist Swantje Thomßen was still looking after Marc Bartra on the bus: "Marc has fainted over and over again, we’ve tied our wrists. There was a lot of blood there. I found that very scary. "

BVB Physiotherapist Swantje Thomßen: " When we took Marc Bartra to the ambulance, there were also the first onlookers who even filmed it. That made me incredibly angry at first. "


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Big words from Tuchel. What is he hinting?


It’s rumoured he was fired for his handling of the Monaco tie, among other things (falling out with Homeless Sven and Watzke.)


According to SportBild Tuchel has rejected Bayern. If true that would be dumb,