Bundesliga Thread


Nice. First thing he’s done in ages





Our next winger :kos2:


Hurry up and announce Batshuayi pricks. @BVB



Phase 1 complete :sunglasses:


Dortmund play Cologne today. Curious to watch Horn. He should be our next goalie.


Watching Dortmund right now, what happened to Weigl, haven’t heard about him for a while? Wouldn’t he still be a top option at 6?


Was injured for a long time I think.


Fracture-dislocation of the ankle, 98 days out. Didn’t had a preseason because of that.



Didn’t take him long did it?


He’s now got a brace


Batshuayi is good.

VAR is also good :joy:


Think it got ruled out by VAR :eyes:


Hopefully Auba scores on his debut as well :wink:


Do they have an option to buy?


I think they don’t but still if Conte continues at Chelsea then they will probably sell Batshuayi…


Batshuayi close to score a brace. Good save from Horn.


Dortmund doing the Dortmund defence.


Burki :rofl:. 1-1 Cologne.

Batshuayi again. What a debut!

Dortmund’s defence is something else lol! 2-2!


Burki trying hard to ruin Batshuayi’s debut


Sancho on for Pulisic.