Bundesliga Thread


Cologne are flying atm. They can stay up.
2-0 FT. Cologne are back in the relegation battle.

1-0 Cologne

2-0 Cologne


Werder up against Bayern! :mustafi:

1-1 Muller

1-1 at HT.
4-2 Bayern FT. More difficult than expected for them.

2-1 Bayern

2-2 Werder

3-2 Bayern

4-2 Bayern

Pjaca scored on his debut for Schalke.

1-1 FT. The league is so fucking poor Neverkusen are second :mustafi:


Nice banner for Goretzka from the Schalke fans :speak_no_evil:


should change that good boy banner we have for sanchez to good riddance also.


German fans are awesome haha


Frankfurt-Gladbach today.


I’m going to watch this game – Andy Brassell, who does a lot on European football, particularly the Bundesliga, chose this match as his game of the weekend. He better be right!


2-0 FT for Frankfurt.


Won the penalty for the first goal and scored the second #Gnabry



Aubemayeng playing for Dortmund today, oops :grimacing: my first doubts over this transfer


Basic raise the price strategy.


He also missed the penalty for the first goal :slight_smile:


Bayern-Hoffenheim with 4 goals in 25 minutes. Wow! Dortmund 1-1 so far, instead.


He might be player, but he isn’t popular


Get him FFS! Fucking penny-pinchers!


Bayern and Dortmund level at HT.
Bayern easy in the end. 5-2 FT, while Dortmund and Leipzig draw. Schalke win as well.


Dortmund drew no??


You are right.


Looks like Auba got a hostile reception :eyes:


Pay 70 mil FFS! Nobody wants him at Dortmund anymore.