Bundesliga Thread


How does that invalidate my opinion on Bundesliga?


It doesn’t. I just mean the PL is just as boring this season. And probably will be for a couple of years.


Don’t think so.
PL is definitely going through a slump because quality of players have reduced but I see that changing and becoming more even.
Top 4 is still ridiculously competitive. City simply managed to buy their way out of that group.

On other hand, Bundesliga is naturally unbalanced. Power is completely concentrate at Munich.


I dunno. Both have a clear winner. And if anything, the battle for the CL is more competing in Germany. Look at this: 6 points between 2nd and 11th


Lets be honest; Schalke Dortmund & Leverkusen should all be 10 points ahead but they are just shit.


I guess you’re going of name recognition here as there’s been plenty of fight around the CL spots over the years with clubs like Schalke and Leverkusen dropping in and out?


I am aware. Schalke, Dortmund & Leverkusen however have the resources to move ahead of the bunch.
They don’t is exactly why I find Bundesliga so non competitive.

Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Liverpool push for title but end up in 2-5 spot chase; but these clubs just begin from those spots and stay there.


Leipzig is actually richer than most of those and Leverkusen is more stuck in a position comparable to Arsenal’s with a couple of high spenders over the years trying to overtake them. Also Gladbach is one of the best run clubs in the Bundesliga and have been doing really well on developing players which shows in the results in the league (not so much in Europe).

I think it’s hard really taking the financial situation of the Premier League and putting the core idea over to what happens in the Bundesliga as the edge between those clubs in absolute numbers is quite a lot closer overall.


Leipzig leading Schalke.
Leipzig win and are second.


Dortmund being worse than Arsenal lol! 0-0 FT against Wolfsburg.


Didn’t we lose to the team that’s bottom of the Bundesliga ?


Yeah :hipster:



One of our targets gone. We are getting Auba so no problem at all :kos2:


Dortmund 0-0 at HT. Missing Auba :henry2:




Mislintat discovered Kagawa in the Japanese League you know…


Dortmund 1-1 FT. Give us Auba now.

1-0 Hertha. The defence :xhaka:

1-1 Dortmund


Leipzig 0-0 at HT.
Leipzig lose. All the teams behind Bayern are proper shit.



Good goal from Leon Bailey, a good option for Arsenal.