Bundesliga Thread


Dortmund are so worse than us at throwing a lead away.


7 minutes of added time!



Bye bye Bosz I guess


4-4 FT! @Bl1nk and @Persona :thinking:

Bayern playing Gladbach in an hour.


Imagine being 4-0 up and then drawing 4-4. How embarrassing must that be?! :sunglasses:


2011 Newcastle away? :mustafi:


Yeah Luca… it was a joke… :grin:


Missed completely the first half. Stuck the game on for 5 minutes but it lagged so I turned it off.

I missed 8 fucking goals and what seems like one of the games of the season.

Kill me now.


Whats going on at Dortmund?




Only happens to teams you support @Persona :rofl:


Bosz is awfully awful. They sacked TT and replaced him with an inferior manager. Not to say TT was a great success or anything but without a doubt they must regret that decision in hindsight. :neutral_face:

Next 2 games are Leverkusen and Madrid. They should pull the plug now.


Hope Gladbach can stop Bayenr now.
Such a short bench for Bayern!


Full highlight reel. :neutral_face:



1-0 Hazard’s penalty.


2-0 Ginter.


Vidal pulls one back.


“I hear Bayern lost” :smiley:


BVB are going to be sacking a manager very shortly.




We lost against fucking Cologne who are all but relegated FFS!


We have already won the group ffs lol


Still annoying to lose against them :smile: