Bukayo Saka (7)

Best player on the pitch today. Tierney a close second. The rest can fuck off.

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Gab was good too lol


Gabriel did nothing wrong, thought he was better than Tierney tbh
(not that I’m blaming Tierney, he’s still being played out of position)

MOTM for me… very good and seemed the only one who could create imbalance through individual effort - need to see more from him.


He has fantastic technical quality. Speed of thought to go it.

Was a really good showing, it’s a shame no other attacker backed him up.


Gab good defensively, but he gave the ball away when passing out from the back too many times for my liking.

He was silly on that body check on Silva, mind

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I thought the commentators went WAY over the top on that one… if you watch it again, Gabriel absolutely ran in front of him and stood his ground, which was perhaps unwise… having said that, watch how Silva sees it and tries to use his shoulder to barge into him and then made a meal of it… was the right no call although I see your point about needlessly taking a risk there.


As was said above, looking at it on the replay Gabriel was standing still, Silva was moving slowly and then actually sped up to barge into him.

You can say it’s a risk but under the laws of the game he did nothing wrong and to become a top defender he’s going to need to learn and use every area of the game including what’s often labelled as “experience” and knowing where the limits of the rules’ grey areas are.

Saka motm our one bright spot besides Dani and Partey.

Almost like that should be our starting midfield.

But hipsters and illuminati will get in the way.

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Yep, he absolutely has to stay in the team. The only one who took responsibility and gave City a scare. Mind you, with Arteta’s dislike of creativity, that’ll be reason enough to drop him :smile: