Bukayo Saka (7)

Foden will win this again I reckon but nobody stands out as an obvious winner tbh.

Saka has had a really good season for a 20 year old, he’s got better numbers than what Foden got last year to win it (which was 9g 5a).

Should be restricted to players who finish the season as 22 or younger.

I think it should probably be steeper than that, I’d say 20 or younger tbh.

I mean Declan Rice has got over 150 fucking apps in his 6 seasons in the PL, kind of defeats the purpose of how this is different from just player of the season now.

Also, finally only English players to choose between



Am I alone thinking age or not, Ramsdale probably doesn’t deserve a spot in there?
Great first half of the season, passenger in the second.


God save the Queen motherfuckers


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I have a slight inkling that he might not sign a contract extension with us.


“I always loved Newcastle”

Went into hiding the last 3 games.

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Not his fault, he’s been over worked and overused.

Has to carry the burden of being the club’s best player at 20, not an easy task


Completely agree with that.

Might have to assume he simply just carries the dormant bottling gene, if his England penalty was anything to go by.

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Yup. Imagine having a solid experienced team with Saka as the wonderkid to bring on as sub. Dreamland.

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I still think he has absolutely everything to be a top player. He definitely needs less on his shoulders and more help.

Getting that new contract done has to be priority number one for Edu, as important as any individual signing this summer. And the longer he goes without a new contract the more of a distraction it will be.

Ehhh. Think it’s a little harsh to put that on him.

Hit that Chelsea penalty well.

He ran out of gas big time. The club just didn’t protect him enough.

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Unless his left foot is as good as Robben, or develop like Sterling…
Otherwise I am not quite optimistic that he will turn out to be a top player.

Disappeared in too many times, too easy to predict (always, always cut in), average decision making…
Showing flashes here and there will not make him a top player.

Potentials are still there, but I really don’t see him developing enough under the current management.
He is young, but he also has a lot of games under his belt… not like he is missing game time and exposure.

Lmfao, we sleeping on Saka now.

Let’s just cash in on him now shall we? :man_facepalming:

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Feel like at least 50% of the motivation behind the comment was to :fishing_pole_and_fish: people like me :grin:

Ask him if he would sign the extension first.

I hope he does because he is the best asset at the club currently and a key player if we are to compete in the future.

Agree, there is no reason to sell him now.

Are you fucking with me? :rofl:
Didn’t you pretty much say he isn’t anything special?