Bruno Guimarães

So Bruno is our first choice. Who is our second choice, Edu?
Lets go for him after a month.


Apparently Everton’s Onana.

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okay, third choice?

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I can see City going for both Bruno and Paqueta (friends from their Lyon days) this summer.

I think we had a lot going for us in the Rice pursuit and am far less confident that we’d win a battle with City for Bruno.

They weren’t mentioned as second or third choice.

The dude mentioned 3 names that we’re looking. Bruno was the one which as with previous reports he it appears to be the most likely deal and the other two names he mentioned were Onana and Joao Neves.

So you’re saying City can save us? What a twist! :henry:

Bruno guimaraes? Thanks, but no thanks.

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Mystery Winger

Sounds about right.

There’s a young defender at Everton named Braithwate (sp?) he looked interesting in the games I caught. We’ve got previous of buying from within the league.

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Yeah, I like Branthwaite (weird spelling) but have a feeling he might end up going to one of United or Chelsea for a fee in the 60-70m region.

I think we might be seeking someone a bit more versatile (although this is just based on my own assessment that Branthwaite looks like a pure CB).

Please, please, please no. Never been a fan of him.


I just can’t really see it to be honest. Arteta has really high technical standards for midfielders. I haven’t seen a ton of Onana but he doesn’t strike me as being good enough in that respect.


Yeah, it just seems out of character for how we have been buying over the last few years. And there will seemingly be a large price tag for him too.

At least Guimaraes has some sauce to his game to somewhat justify the price tag.

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You don’t like a guy with the technical ability of a dying salmon?

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Watching the game against Man Utd, I imagined us signing him and Rice getting injured.
A midfield with Jorginho and Bruno. My god…

Would we rather have an Odegaard, Joao Neves, Jorginho midfield in those situations? That seems pretty lacking in physicality. Neves is built solidly but hobbit height.

He’s pretty good in the air despite his height.

Edit: just double checked. Aerials won are in 81st percentile.

That’s pretty impressive actually.

Just because I’ve shat on him quite a bit.

He’s not useless. He’s pretty good. Quite confident he will our marquee signing in the summer. I think he will be Partey’s direct replacement, with Jorginho being his cover.
I do not expect any of the other signings to get into the XI straight away.

As I said, he’s a pretty good player. He has his flaws, very similar to Jorginho actually. I would say he’s a much younger Jorginho with not as high IQ.

Big question really is, is he better than the guy he’s replacing(Partey)?
Is he gonna be the difference maker next season? We shall see.

He isn’t, but he should be vastly more available, and that might be more important ultimately.

Yeah, I was gonna bring that up.

I checked it yesterday and he missed a total of 8 games in his career through injury according to Transfermarkt.

Compare it say to De Jong, who I think is the better player and fit, he missed 76 games in his career and injuries have started piling up recently for him.

In the opponents half of the pitch, yes.