Brighton vs Arsenal (PL) 2-4

Caicedo suspended. McAllister still on break.

Welbeck possibly out too.


Absolute gift for us.

We should be able to absolutely dominate their midfield withouth MacAllister and Caicedo.

I feared this game, but knowing now they have all these players out, anything but 3 points would be a massive disappointment and a surprise.


So many pundits waiting for their ‘told you so’ moment. It’s sad.


All pundits saying the same bollocks ad nauseum

“Huge test for Arsenal, I think they will stumble but if they win then they are in the title race”.

Same shit for the past 10 rounds of fixtures.

Everybody waiting / willing us to fail. A win here won’t shut anybody up. Further excuses will be made eg Brighton missing their 2 best midfielders etc


If you’ve played 15 games and won 13 of them it’s pretty obvious you’re capable of challenging for the title.

I still expect City to pip us largely because they have a striker who has somehow managed to score 20 league goals before we’ve even hit the half way out. He’ll be the difference.


It’s fair comment till you do something. Good anyway as it takes the favourites tag off us.

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Yes and no but mainly no. We’ve won every home game and dropped points in just two away games.

These bellends are playing the percentage game and keep getting slapped in the face repeatedly. Firing the Uzi and are yet to hit the target.

Same pundits who were predicting that we’d finish sixth.

You have to go game by game. Don’t underestimate anyone, focus on doing our job and don’t look too far ahead.

I’m sure Arteta is doing just that every time, trying to keep the boys grounded and hungry.


Brighton always take points off us. When was the last time we beat them?

Its a fair point to say imo. If we win against them thats another hoodoo burned this season.

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Sure, but job’s not finished either way.
You then have to beat Newcastle who’ve been a pain in the ass for everyone this season. You then have to beat Spurs away who I don’t think we’ve even took a point from in their new ground.

And then you have Man Utd, City, etc.

Still 23 games left, plenty of way to go and judging from the last few seasons, it’s gonna come down to details and we may have a repeat of last season where it was literally decided in the final minutes of the season.

Game 35 of 38. Arsenal host a depleted Forest side. Arsenal are 18pts clear. Pundits will say they are not sure Arsenal can go all the way. Forest will be a big test.


“Let’s wait to see how they perform against one of the big sides”

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Could be an interesting one…


We play Newcastle first. Also, Yellow cards don’t carry across to other competitions.


Really?? :sweat_smile: this guy had a mare then

More like yet another horrible take.

As for the game, confident of getting a win here, Caceido and McAllister is a huge loss for them, Odegaard to run in the show in midfield.

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Yeah. To be fair, the card rule can be confusing because red cards do carry over to FA and League cups, but yellow card suspensions don’t.


The cards don’t carry but I think the suspension might as it’s the FA who issue the suspension?

Nah it‘a competition specific for yellow card suspensions now. They changed it quite recently. But a red card still means the suspension will take place in whatever competition you’re playing in next.

Any player earning five bookings from their side’s first 19 Premier League matches will serve a one-match ban in the same competition. Yellow cards are not carried over to the EFL Cup or FA Cup.

Players who accumulate 10 yellow cards in Premier League matches up to and including their team’s 32nd fixture will serve a two-match suspension in the competition.

Rule was most likely changed to stop doing what has been suggested Saliba do - pick up a silly booking on purpose so you miss a game you probably wouldn’t have been playing in anyway.