Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


How the hell did this only lose by 43 votes? :open_mouth: Will have to check the breakdown but I was expecting a lot more than that, like a defeat by a similar margin to last night

I mean who votes for a No Deal Brexit apart from ERG, which only numbers 80 odd🤔


European Research Group. It’s a group of Brexiteers, leader of which is Rees-Mogg.


Tories in disarray, thousands promising never to vote Tory again and yet Labour 10 points behind now, and Tories up +1.

Thanks a bunch to the second Ref crowd.


And they don’t do any European research.


European Research Group, or the euroskeptics in other words, your Jacob Rees-Moggs, etc.


No relation to ESR then! :sweat_smile:


ERG, one of the many lunatics holed out at 55 Tufton St.


Read about Jacob Rees-Mogg. He sounds a proper right-wing tool.


We need a right winger :henry2:




Well they’re just the Scottish wings of British parties, its not exactly surprising that they are unionists. And they’ve paid for it dearly because a nationalist party have 35 seats vs their 13 (Tories) 7 (Rosebois) and 4 seats (pointless centrist fucks), so I can’t see what there is for you to be mad about, it’s all good.

I was someone who generally thought that IndyRef2 people should move on and accept that the vote was sadly lost, and that you couldn’t have another one so soon because then why not have another one again every couple years and continue doing so til the end of time.

But in light of Brexit, assuming it goes through, I think that’s a big enough game changer to clearly warrant another referendum on Scottish independence. Which I suspect would be successful for the Indy lot, and from the perspective of a unionist, that would be a fucking disaster compounding the catastrophe that is Brexit.

I genuinely think that as four some what distinct entities, we’re all better off together. England is massively culturally enriched by having Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland joined to us. And you’re all just plain old enriched by being in a union with us :wink:


It makes me sad that I share a name with him.


I have to say I disagree. Haven’t benefitted at all tbh. Case in point: brexit. Among other things.

We can still be close and share a culture but just not share politicians. Like Norway and Sweden.




In the entire history of the Union, since 1707, you don’t think Scotland has benefited “at all”?

Brexit happened two years ago, we’re talking abut a history stretching back over hundreds of years.

Want independence as much as you like, I’d be the same if I was Scottish quIte possibly, but I can’t take a Scottish person seriously if they try to say there is no benefit at all to their nation in having been in a union with us. It’s just patently untrue.


Sorry was thinking something different there. I guess I mean in the last century or so.

From the use of North Sea Oil to fund Thatcher’s wars, tax cuts and destruction of society, to parking nukes in Faslane, it’s not a union that has been beneficial to Scotland even before brexit.

Scotland benefitted a lot from the Empire. But after WWII, not so much.


Looks like there’s actually going to be a third fucking vote.





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