Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


In favour of this now, as it decreases the likelihood of us ever getting a player like the brain-dead buffoon again


Getting close to the end now. Can we make a go of it outside the? Yes but it will take time (maybe five years) before we are back to this stage in our economy.
Anyone who worked through the 70s will know what it like to have a devided country. Not nice and very damaging to jobs and life style.
I’m sorry this is happening because it will mean less opportunity for younger people.
Good luck everyone :sunglasses:


I wonder how the referendum would have gone, if the leave campaign was simply a highlight reel of Mustafi defending :stuck_out_tongue:


London would have voted Leave.


It wouldn’t be a campaign full of bullshit lies for a start :laughing:



They’re also the towns that need it the most haha_emphasized text_


What kind of bribe is £1.6bn after a decade of billions of cuts. Who’s going to fall for that?


These people seem like decent candidates for falling for something like that.

Or this guy.


Anyone the Mail, Express and Sun needs to.


Theresa May really is just a dumb bitch isn’t she?


Nobody calling for a 2nd referendum on that one mate.


Tezza’s fuckin pulled it out of the bag tho :giroud2:

I’m sure this minor technicality will get us the 125 votes we need and reverse the biggest government defeat ever


Lol. Let’s see. No way EU allow a delay now though surely.




This is what everyone said would happen. She’d wait until the last minute and present the exact same shit with the hope of scaring MPs into bottling it.

After all the shit that they’ve talked about this deal, if MPs cave over this then it’ll be a disgrace tbh.


Yeah indeed, in fact I read someone say that the only thing that has changed is her air miles


David Davis sounding like he might vote for it, what the fuck :joy:


And then the AG comes in with a mic drop


They basically needed an excuse to vote it in because the alternative is no deal.

But I wonder how big that block of MPs is.