Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


I think if they get “no deal is the apocalypse” into the national psyche enough then they could maybe get away with saying they were forced to revoke article 50 to prevent the apocalypse if it gets close and looks like that could happen.


I would love that but it seems unlikely. Too many are led by Mogg et al who think it’ll all be fine in the end, some will want no deal over remain, and the rest don’t give a crap any more :confused:


I think that dodgy vote yesterday could definitely be construed as a mandate to prevent no deal at all costs. It’s whether enough would have the balls to actually vote for it which I’d assume not.


The thing is the only way to stop no deal is vote for May’s deal or revoke Article 50. Our parliament are so feckless and backward that I can’t see them boring for either. It’s the nature of the article 50 process that automatically leads to no deal. It’s a ridiculous thing but then the Lisbon treaty isn’t the greatest treaty ever written…



Not in the news cos you can’t blame overworked and underfunded public workers or institutions.


No deal, it’s looking more and more likely


Became inevitable when May’s deal was voted down and parliament showed themselves to feckless in voting for an alternative.

Certain elements of this country deserves a no-deal Brexit, it’s just a shame we’ll all suffer for it


How come? Seems to be complete contradictions from the EU tbh.

It’s a peace project, yet they have no wiggle room on the only actual issue that matters in regards to peace? So they’re happy to not wiggle, end up with no deal, then have a border? It just all makes no sense to me.

Also I get they don’t want to concede any ground and give us any kind of better deal on trade etc., but not on this issue. It’s not like Italy are going to leave the EU and demand the same wonderful backstop deal the UK has. If they really cared they’d sort this issue out, because as it stands it’s the biggest thing making this deal impossible to pass.


The EU is a essentially a club that represents their members interests vis-a-vis third countries. Since we’re leaving the EU will back Ireland’s desire for a backstop over any whinging that they’ll get from Tory backbenchers. The same thing will happen to fishing and Gibraltar if/when we enter trade talks. We’ll suddenly find out how dominating the EU can be to countries outside of it.

Although the EU must take blame for the silly sequencing they imposed on the negotiations. It’s hard to seperate the backstop from trade talks.


Im sorry we’ve leaving the EU after living/working through the 60s and 70s with strikes and low earnings. I do understand the reluctance of leavers to have the EU in any control on UK decisions but trading with other countries is always a comprise and leaving the EU won’t stop that.
The hard line brexiteers are putting forward a technical solution to the backstop, if this is possible why not agree a backstop now with a cut off once this technical solution is proven with a trial run over the next two years. This trial could run during the transition period.
Although I have to say it’s a sad day when we do leave and walk away from the best trade deal we will ever have.




I wonder what they mean by “proper Europeans” :roll_eyes:


Proper Europeans have less melanin.


I just love that cocky attitude of ‘it won’t affect us, we’re too valuable.’

Until it does.


I would suspect most fans on this site are European in some way with their DNA. I recently did a DNA ancestry test and found I have Celtic, English and Finnish DNA.
What is obvious is that this country has always had mass migration mainly from Europe. We are mainly European but to listen to some brexiteers they talk of Europe like another continent when we are part of that continent.
The trade deals the brexiteers said were so important for us to do alone are proving difficult to achieve on the same terms done with the EU. This isn’t because we are not use to doing trade deals it’s because we are much smaller in market terms than the EU and in business that matters.
Being old enough to know the UK before we join the EU I fear we will be going back to the bad old days…the sick man of Europe.