Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


I refuse to acknowledged the existence of Ireland until they stop culturally appropriating potatoes.




No matter how bad your Christmas is just be thankful you’re not sitting at the Johnson’s table


The current government, including all parties are just incompetent. They will honestly make such a shit job of leaving the EU. None of them have a bloody clue lol.

If there was a competent government, with solid policies, the U.K. would do extremely well not being in the EU.

I still don’t believe that come March, we’ll leave the EU. There will be another referendum, one which will be based on the following:

  1. Leave the EU with the “agreed” deal Teresa May has arranged.
  2. Do not agree with the deal in which the U.K. has reached an agreement with the EU that Article 28 can be reverse and previous arrangement is reinstated.

Most of you would call me crazy and say it isn’t politically possible. Well, anything is possible. This entire scenario is testament of that.



Finally! We can all rejoice(!) Until this deal is inevitably voted down in the commons, of course!


If it doesn’t get through May has to resign and GE called.

May turning out to be one of the biggest mistakes the Tory party ever made. We’ll see what happens.


Theoretically there is no proposal that won’t be voted down by either rebel Brexiteers/DUP/Labour brexiteers, or by remainer rebels*/Labour/LibDem/SNP.

*Although these people have a record of being incredibly flimsy and I wouldn’t be surprised if they sell themselves out and give in and vote some shitty deal through.


Ya think? Always seemed to me that she’s a placeholder, someone to throw into the role of PM during this utter shitshow rather than wasting a legitimately good candidate who would then be ruined by dealing with this mess. Not that I’m sure who this “legitimately good candidate” would be…


She was intended to be a placeholder and a electable face for the hard(ish) Brexit majority of the party wanted. JRM pretty said that the unity behind May initially was because she was a remainer who had accepted Brexit vote and majority of the party thought this would play well with the electorate who had a similar disposition with a potential election in mind.

Majority of the party wants Brexit and so do majority of Tory voters, makes no sense to sabotage it by putting an incompetent there.

She could have easily retain her standing and future as PM if she didn’t make a hash of the snap election campaign and Brexit afterward by deceiving the party.


I think she is the equivalent of Major when he was in charge after Thatcher.
He was leading a rabble, ld by right wing back benchers that were behaving like a load of spoilt school children that weren’t getting their own way, which is similar to what’s happening under this government.

I didn’t like May when she was in the cabinet but she is just about the best of a bad bunch to lead the Tories.
The leading candidates to take over are probably going to be Johnson, Rees Mogg, Davis, Hunt and Gove.
All of them self serving ego maniacs, that couldn’t care less about the working class, no matter how much Gove drones on about how he was brought up on a council estate.


So you are basically staying in the EU? No because i am reading this :arteta:


The same issues that May is facing, namely the Irish backstop, would still be there regardless of who is on charge. Even a Canada style free trade agreement will require one and that’s the key sticking point for the withdrawal agreement. Leading Brexiteers only have themselves to blame anyway as since day one they haven’t had a plan. Norway went from being a desirable place to live and nice relationship with the EU to being a colony of the EU according to some Brexiteers. So they should really shut up and stop complaining if they can’t be bothered with the details.


A plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel



Wow that was terrible segment


Pretty longed out for what it was but it’s a fairly relevant point to say the least.


Pro EU here. just goes to show how the masses will believe anything that’s written and put in front of them. Anyone with an ounce of common sense could tell it’s all click bait and BS. The public have been duped into voting for Brexit with all the anti EU conjecture not just the past 2-3 years but for the past 20 years, I can remember this shit going on whilst I was a child.


Honestly, there are lots and lots of intelligent people who voted Brexit whilst simultaneously didn’t buy the rubbish spewing out of Farage’s mouth. I don’t think too many people believed the NHS guff, thought it was probably a good enough blag to get Brexit over the line.


Got a few Lexit friends I take it? :smile: