Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Next up…


As long as I’m not advised to eat my pet cat I guess Brexit is a win-win :thinking:

The whole planning for delays at Dover and in urgent medicines reaching the country seems crazy as fuck. Part of me wants a no deal brexit so we see the ERG members squirm, but it will be tough for everyone unfortunately


The North of England has properly fucked this for the rest of the UK :joy::joy:


London is big enough as is the south to ride it and survive but towns like Sunderland, Preston (and others not the principle towns) gonna really struggle with this.

Irony is a cold bitch sometimes…



Yis will definitely have to cancel the whole Brexit thing now.


I believe that that is what is referred to as a ‘silver lining’.


Fuck out ribena boy


STFU shitter exhibitionist. :bellerin:


Cool. Really don’t like it.


i kinda like guiness, especially draft extra cold, but we can still get it as an import at worst :giroud:


I’ve only ever had Guinness when I went to Dublin and I think once in Madrid. It’s the sort of drink that grows on you the more you taste


Jamie Oliver fucked up Irn Bru and now Farage is fucking up Guinness? Soon there will be basically no reason to get up in the morning.


You’re so ungrateful I’m not even sure if you deserve a blue passport at all.


I’ll often have a pint when travelling, just to see how bad it is off the island. :slight_smile:


Haha I can imagine it’s a bad experience having it outside of Ireland. There is definitely something special about having one in Dublin/Ireland. But for what it’s worth I remember there were two very good Irish bars in Madrid where I sometimes had a Guinness and something called Murphy’s which I have yet to seen in any pub in the UK :grin:


Murphy’s is basically Cork Guinness. And a bit shite. :slight_smile:


But better than Guinness :henry2:

Just kidding, nah the Murphys stuff tastes diluted not a fan.


The Superior British Isles


Fuck off, the whole of the Republic of Ireland has been removed.

I’ll just leave this graphic here to explain my outrage :grinning: