Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


This is chilling and should worry people on both sides of the Brexit fence.

As I’d long suspected, Number 10 is shaping up to heap the blame for whatever happens on the people. It’s pretty clear from this. We’re being cheated from all sides.


Hmmm, going well, isn’t it?


The UK and the EU don’t realise the hell WTO trade will bring. At least the charlatans in government and some of the think tanks will get shown up.


When’s the final deal (or lack of) going to be confirmed ffs, need Nicola to then base her escape on it.

It’s all I’m counting on.


There will be last ditch talks the day before article 50 is finalised. They’ll fail.


Liam Fox getting roasted for saying No Deal scenario looks likely too


The sooner people realise the conservative party don’t have the interests of the country at heart (and never have) the better.

If I see the lie that we trade on WTO with the USA and China one more time I think I’ll explode. WTO means we’re a third country over night, with regulatory alignment on medicine, food, and aerospace gone and checks instantly brought in place. I just wish the Conservative party zealots realised this before they bring hell to this country


The governments handling of Brexit:


Good luck dealing with it, I wish you guys well, but we’re fucking sprinting for the lifeboats.

Once the No deal scenario becomes clear, doubly so.


We’ll make a u-turn once we realise what no deal means. I’ve spent a year studying it and working on it and still have morons at the TPA and Conservative Party tell me it’s nothing to worry about. Part of me wants it to happen just to see the reality hit although it is kinda bad.

But Yeah, I think Scotland is best joint the EEA tbh (although there are many complications to independence if I’m honest)


I’d be amazed if the Scots were allowed another referendum in the middle of this mess. And I think they’d also find the EU less than in a hurry to admit them.


Wouldn’t be surprised, it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Grovel back to the EU tail between the legs and rejoin without the special dispensations from before.

Would piss off the gammons no doubts and may be political suicide but it would be the only right decision.

There are complications bit nobody can tell me rule under this government is plain sailing, without any complications. Compared to this, no deal brexit and all, independence is a cakewalk.


That’s what brexiteers need to realise. If we leave on WTO we will go back to the EU and cave in to all their demands. They live in some alternate reality, and they can’t comprehend just how much WTO trade with the EU will fuck our manufacturing and science based sectors. I’ve got to the point where I just don’t give a fuck now, it’s like talking to a brick wall. These guys should talk to businesses and research the detail, then they would see how screwed we will be.

I don’t blame Scotland now if you go for Indy2. It won’t he pretty but I’m fed up of dealing with these imbeciles so I don’t blame you if you want a clean break haha. If the Conservative and Unionist party actually cared about the union they wouldn’t do what they are about to do, but then what do they know :roll_eyes:


Guys like Rees Mogg know how shit it’s going to be, that’s why they want it to happen.

They are experts in vulture capitalism. Profiting off shit situations like this.


Precisely man. Vulture capitalists at work. Just ignore anything he and the TPA say on the matter. They know nothing about trade in the globalised world and would sell this country off to the highest bidder. I meet people like this every day and their stupidity/insanity is truly astonishing.

Just keep highlighting this and you will do the whole UK a favour haha


Yea. An absolute non runner.

I’m intrigued. What’s your job? If you can say. :slight_smile:


It would be a lot worse if they outright refused.


I work for a firm that deals with policy in the tech sector. So right now mainly dealing with stuff regarding Brexit, and I have the displeasure of meeting people from think tanks that don’t do much thinking regarding brexit :slight_smile:

As for Scottish independence. Right now there seems little appetite for indy2, but a no deal brexit will likely lead to it. I’m just amazed the government can’t see the consequences of the path they are taking us down


As someone who is worried for the future of the UK, this morning’s read of recent posts in here was the most reassured I’ve felt in ages.

Thank you guys.


Blame the absolute cretins and fucktards of society that voted for this mess and demand “a full brexit”, media included.