Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


I can’t see how Trump trying to dictate adds up to that tbh. If anything it would further embolden the “don’t tell us what to do” brigade.


Not when he’s saying what they want to hear.


Cristo is clearly taking it from the point of view of a remainer and Trump’s comments meaning people might be more likely to vote against leaving.

In that context the message would be along the lines of not being dictacted to by Europe, by Trump or by anyone else.


if anything, as brexiteers love trump, it will embolden their calls for the hardest of hard brexits.

Boris Johnson PM, Nigel Farage deputy PM, Jacob Rees-Mogg as home sec. Priti Patel as foreign Sec.

What a country :arteta:


Start hoarding canned goods lads, look like we’re heading for a (deal) No deal

May cannot give any more concessions


Got a big box of MRE’s in the loft :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as we can do a deal with Trump so that lucky charms aren’t £6.50 a box I’ll be fine.


Are you Russian, perchance? :thinking::smirk:


A US UK trade deal would be interesting tbh. We can get all thier sugary and fattening products much cheaper.

That’s a plus for Brexit, right?


As long as I can buy a bendy banana i’ll be happy


and their top quality chlorinated chicken!!!



you just concentrate on staying alive when the riots over milk, jam and bread hit. :arteta:


History tells us you must go for the Tesco Value rice when Britons riot. :laca:



Absolutely. I would suggest that it should be a multiple choice one as well.

  1. Remain in the EU.
  2. Remain in the EU for now but hold referendum on these same options in 10 years.
  3. Leave but remain in EU Customs Union and trading block.
  4. Leave with EU-wide trade agreement.
  5. Leave with no agreements but no repatriations.
  6. Leave with no trade or customs agreements. Non EU Nationals in UK and UK nationals in EU to be repatriated.

Choose first two preferences

I think you have to spell out the consequences as 52% weren’t made aware of them before.


Every election in my lifetime, the people that won the vote didn’t get everything they voted for. I’m really not sure why anyone thought this vote would be the defining moment of democracy.

Voting to stay or leave was never going to be black and white or precise, the same way that voting Tory or Labour isn’t. You’re voting for a direction, not specifics. People shouldn’t now be voting on specifics, and if they are, remain in the EU shouldn’t be an option.


As much as I wish Brexit wouldn’t happen I can’t disagree with this.


No way I totally disagree with that.

I think it’s clear the the leave campaign was completely fraudulent, full of lies and Russian deceit. If there was another referendum and we voted to stay, which I think is likely, then we should absolutely remain in the EU.