Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Just fucking cancel it


The whole document seems to read as a further fudge to the keys issues. Such vague wording on what alignment on goods and agriculture would look like (which will likely get rejected by the eu anyway).

It’s been obvious from the start that we should’ve pursued EFTA membership and remove ourselves from political union whilst keeping economic ties. It’s funny that most brexiters would’ve supported it wholeheartedly in 2015 but now somehow are all using crazed arguments like true zealots.


Check #BrexitBetrayal, it’s a fucking treat.


The pillow-soft Brexit that I predicted would happen, where the status quo would remain in all but name.


Out is out, tbh. You can’t stay half in and half out like May wants.


It’s not what May wants. It’s not what the majority of Parliament wants.


After actually reading the whole thing, is it really a super soft betrayal brexit? Looks to me like the “have your cake and eat it” brexit that everyone said we couldn’t have.

No change on goods, desperately attempting to limit threats to services, removing ECJ for most things, taking back our beloved fish, technically ending free movement and being able to have trade deals with everyone else. What am I missing?


What your missing is the EU still have to agree with this, and I would be very surprised indeed if they did :slight_smile:


Yeah I get that and even if they did we could still be “betrayed” over the contributions but as it stands if this is what we ask for and what we somehow get then I’m not really sure what the betrayal is.


I agree. It would be exactly what the majority of Brexit supporters wanted, and indeed what they were being sold.

It’s also what the EU said we couldn’t have since day one :slight_smile:


The government will have to give in further or the EU is going to refuse this. I guess the plan of Mogg, Boris etc. is to hope it all folds so that they can’t be blamed for a no deal that goes horribly wrong. But can they hold out and not resign etc. when Twitter is awash with talk of betrayal, and hardliners even calling on people to switch allegiance to Corbyn Lol. If Mogg and Boris et al lose popular support they will be forced to resign to save themselves.


The problem is they can’t give in further. This was literally the best they could agree on, and it had never had a chance of being widely accepted by those that voted to leave the EU.

The EU’s stance has always been the same. Agree to our terms, or get fucked. And I don’t blame them.


Exactly yes. So its either total capitulation or a no deal. The Brexiteers know this, so presumably they wait it out until they get their way, which they should in the end. Any middle position is impossible really, isn’t it?


Yeah sounds like a deal the EU won’t accept tbh


It’s weird that May went to be Berlin before seeing her cabinet. Plus it sounds the EU have been going over some of the detail for weeks.

Whilst the document in its form will get rejected almost instantly, it appears that it can be a good starting point for negotiations.

It is amusing seeing some brexiters lose their shit over it, the same people with no idea themselves in how to keep the Irish border frictionless and protecting supply chains :joy:


I don’t see how any compromise can be achieved. What the EU were prepared to offer has been on the table since day one. If we haven’t agreed by now, we never will.



Apparently there is one more resignation to come as well.


What a cunt. If he had any principles then this is most certainly not the time to quit.

He’s letting his own side down because if the hard brexiteers all walk then we’re guaranteed a soft brexit with no roadblocks. He’s been involved throughout and he must have known it was heading in this kind of direction.

At least right now he’d have some influence over some of the smaller decisions but if he wants a remainer to be in charge of all that then I won’t complain.


Monday club :laughing: