Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


I’d rather have Brexit go ahead than have a second referendum. Any kind of second vote regardless of the outcome would completely undermine the democratic process in this county.

I would cause serious damage to electorate and empower groups on the far side of each spectrum


But we get to get rid of ‘European Union’ on top of the passport. #MoralBritishVictory



Would you mind elaborating? Not asking in a challenging way, just interested :slight_smile:


If a second ref were to happen I can easily see the average leaver becoming disillusioned with mainstream, relatively centrist politics and seeking to support more radical anti establishment groups particularly in the case of the far right.

The theory applies less so to to far left in fairness but Brexit was strongly supported in areas with a traditionally left leaning values. They’re not going to align themselves with Ukip and Britain First


If Brexit straight up didn’t happen there would be riots. It’d be really ugly.


How about a referendum on having another referendum?


For both the Nice and Lisbon treaties Ireland had two referendums. Both were voted no first time round and after some minor changes the government ran another referendum and they both went through. There was obviously quite a bit of derision and anger at the decision to have the votes again but people get over it.


Yeah it was the left I was particularly curious about, the backlash that would occur on the right is quite obvious. Whilst there was left wing support for Brexit I feel it’s too insignificant for much to happen if Brexit didn’t go ahead. Though I am now amusing myself thinking about Kate Hoey throwing Molotov cocktails.

The Swiss/French branch of my family are with us on the Isle of Wight for Christmas and Brexit came up yesterday, I was the only one round the table who outright said that we shouldn’t have a second referendum, surprised I got some mild stick for saying so.

“We held a democratic vote and it would be a pisstake to go back on it now”
“But they’re idiots”
“Idiots take part in every vote, that’s democracy”
“But it was based on lies”
“Lies are told by politicians whenever votes are held, that’s basically what happens in democracies”

We, probably wisely, just left the conversation there.

Either you outline the specific terms when you hold the vote, or you have a basic yes or no question and stick with the result. I just don’t see the justification for a second referendum. You’d need lots of polls suggesting that something like 80% are now against it to begin thinking about doing it over imo


I’m surprised there haven’t been more polls actually, from what I see in the news and various reports etc. it does seem like a lot of people that voted Leave regret it and a lot of young people who didn’t vote would vote Remain.

I’d be very interested to see some of the big polling companies get into that.


I voted for Tom Brake but this was ridiculous. Silly to suggest a poll which samples 1,500 people is a solid basis to overturn a referendum with a one of the highest voter turn outs in recent history.

Like a typical Lib Dem he’s a strong believer in his principles and ideals which is admirable but I don’t know how he can be so outspoken against Brexit as a representative of part of a rare London constituency to vote leave with only a 1,369 majority.


Fuck that. I’m keeping an EU passport. The benefits of having an Irish Mum :sunglasses:


Attack of the zimmer frames


In principle, there is nothing much wrong in leaving EU.
UK and London will continue to be rich strategic business hub.

However I expected better management & vision from a first world government.


Daily Mail going full Daily Mail :joy::joy:


I’m an elite and didn’t even realise.


Mine is up for renewal really soon I think, so I should be able to get a new burgundy one and keep that for the next ten years. Im sinking to their level of pettiness in viewing that as something of a victory


Also look at the top half of that page about the royals, and then the bottom half.

Do you love elites or hate elites?!!


Strange, why is Corbyn pursuing a hard brexit when it’s clear majority of the party does not support it? Surely pursuing a softer version of Brexit convinces more left wing voters to tactically vote Labour?


How is that pursuing a hard brexit?

the summit rests on the falsehood that the single market is a membership organisation which you can join, which it is not. Our approach for a jobs-first Brexit, which involves retaining the benefits of the single market, is through negotiation with the EU.

That’s basically what everyone wants, isn’t it? Nobody wants true single market with uncapped migration, they want us to pick and choose the parts we want.


Our new passports to be made in the EU. French-Dutch company.