Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


The entire reason people voted Brexit was to end freedom of movement. All they ended up getting was stopping the benefits of the EU but keeping (in their view) the costs. Leavers will be raging.

Good it stayed though. Honestly the Ireland issue should have made leaving the EU unthinkable for any non stupid people.


Unless I’ve misread you, freedom of movement is still going to end (unfortuanetly!). They mean the existing benefits of Europeans already in the UK and vice versa. It will continue during the transition period but will likely end straight after that, unless we do a u-turn and stay in the single market after all.


It’s unlikely to change freedom of movement much at all.


I think in practice you’re right. We don’t want a hard border with Ireland, yet we also don’t want border checks between N.Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. It will therefore be difficult to keep immigration checks from the EU.

I didn’t notice the bit about no deal brexit essentially being off the table. Now I see why the hard leavers may be rather annoyed :laughing:




Bloody malcontents.

I’m really fed up of this — anyone who doesn’t let the government do whatever it wants is an enemy of Britain and democracy — narrative.

They said parliament should make our decisions and not Brussels. If people really only care about getting a Tory values Brexit then more of them should have voted to increase the Tory majority rather than voting Labour.


I dont think there’s anything particularly interesting about Dan Hodges or what he says :grinning:


We’ll have another referendum by 2019.


It’s the Daily Mail. Once we leave the EU, and they can no longer blame them for our woes, they’ll go back to blaming the poor and disabled.



Found this question time in Barnsley quite intriging.

Always interesting to hear the average leavers’ rationalisation of Brexit and negotiations


The accumulation of years of ignoring the working classes of this land.


I saw a Twitter graphic where Barnsley’s population was like 1.5% migrant.

These people are dumbasses who have been radicalised by the BBC having Farage on there week in week out when his party was irrelevant, telling them immigration was the cause of all world problems.

This is why far right ideology has gained so much, it is because of a complicit media more interested in getting clicks by having quacks on than genuinely smart people discussing how to solve problems, and too cowardly to actually hold people in power to account.




If the SNP didn’t vote for pro EU amendment, must’ve been one shit amendment lol.


The one thing that is absolutely the will of the people — lets not have another fucking referendum on this thing.

And certainly not a take the deal or cancel Brexit vote as they seem to imply. It’d have to be a leave with a deal or leave without a deal vote. You don’t have a second vote to make the first vote entirely void.



:joy: :joy: :joy:

“Hi Leavers, so it looks like we’re staying in the EU in all but name but we’re losing any voting rights and influence HOWEVER we are getting our blue passports back!! Big win, huge win. The Empire is proud of this victory.”

Also, I might be wrong, but no one had to change the colour of their passports when they joined the EU. Croatia still has their own colour of passport.

What a huge win this is for the UK and Brexit!


If it came down to a second referendum around going for it or cancelling it, it would get cancelled.

Fine by me.