Brentford vs Arsenal (PL) 0-3

Just wait till Brentford kick Vieira to pieces, and he gets no protection from a homer ref.


This is not an easy game, especially without Odegaard but with Partey playing we should get a draw.
I’ll go 1-1 with Martinelli to score.

The difference is the PL refs dont give soft freekicks and sometimes they dont give clear freekicks which is a disadvantage for Vieira, just like Jules said.

Nwaneri is supposedly one of the best talents in the academy at any level and I’ve read we’re worried about him doing a Yunus Musah and leaving for another club that will fast track him into first team football. So I guess it can’t hurt to give him a little taste of what its like to be with the first team at Arsenal.

Who invited Pavarotti? :joy::joy:

It’s what she would have wanted

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Well, a good chance to see how Vieira can step up for Odegaard.

I was about to pay for now tv when I discovered paying for a day pass means you get sky sports for 8 months on your phone. Bonus.

Martinelli really needs to become more ruthless

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great start

Ffs Martinelli

That was a great move


Xhaka should have murdered the keeper with one of his piledrivers

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Thought this started at 12:30, what a treat

Fuck sake should be 1-0

Away crowd is lit :ok_hand:

Arteta has a second outfit? I’m flabbergasted

Only one manager can look like a office worker going outside for a smoke, Tomas Franks get home advantage :rofl:

Lots of booing for Partey

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Pretty disjointed so far apart from that early chance

Anyone else find these kits a little difficult to tell apart?