Brazil Chapecoense football team in Colombia plane crash


Nice one.


PSG are NOT donating €40m apparently.


They should never have bought Thiago then they could’ve donated. Selfish on many counts.


Just heard about this. Very sad day for Brazilian football. Condolences to all involved and affected by this tragedy.


I know it’s not their fault that this rumour spread, but surely you’d expect them to donate something now, just out of goodwill.


Awful news.

With all the other awful news that is constantly served up I didn’t expect to get so emotional watching those sappy tribute videos that were going around Twitter. Absolutely awful for the club, the journalists and everyone else on the flight.

Nice to see the footballing world rallying around them though. Hope that any folks not connected the club are also getting the support they need.


Unfortunately, they had to amputate Jackson Follmann a leg :frowning: