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So I recorded the Pacquiao - Broner fight last night only to watch it this morning and find that it part recorded up to round 8.

A quick twitter search shows it happened to everyone, ITV4 ended the program at this point in the fight. Cheers ITV/Sky!


What was the reason given?


ITV’s program schedule had the program ending at 4am. But at 4am the fight was only just going into round 9 so the recording cut even though coverage was being extended for another hour.

Ended up having to google the result haha


I actually feel sympathy for Adrien Broner at this point. Him and his corner are delusional muppets.

He was still in that fight 3-4 rounds in with some decent evasive movement, good clinch control and even a few well timed counters. But he takes the evasiveness too far, to the point where he never works in the pocket and never finds his range. Ultimately he lands jack shit and eventually gets hit a lot.

Then when he does counter he never does it with any combinations… just right hand pot shots and the odd uppercut. His left hook probably missed about 100 times in that fight. Not sure he landed a punch to the body all night. He left his own body completely open to the straight jab too.

Was so easy for Manny to control proceedings while Broner and his corner thought they’re actually winning these rounds.

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For sporting events I ALWAYS record the following program just in case of situations like that.


Yeah lesson learnt. Defo going to do that going forward

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It’s because he thinks he’s Mayweather and copies Mayweather’s moves when in actual fact he’s stiff, dumb and easy to read. Floyd wins because he reads opponents and knows what works on their style so adapts based on that. If you Floyd’s shoulder roll against the southpaws Corley and Judah he gets tagged a few times because of the angle so Floyd often brings his gloves up to counter this issue. Where as Broner isn’t smart enough to do that. Floyd takes half steps and feints Broner doesn’t. Floyd picks apart errors, Broner throws the same punches regardless of what they do.


Groves announces retirement’

Somewhat shocked by this


Only had 31 fights but quite a few of them were tough encounters if you look at his card. Think he’s quit at a good time


Yeah he has, and he perhaps achieved as much as his talent allowed him.

I just thought he may have had one or two big paydays still in him with the Degale fight etc. But fair enough


Yeah I figured he’d have waited for the DeGale rematch (that’s assuming he beats Eubank) but it’s good of him to retire knowing he didn’t have the heart anymore.

Limited fighter but achieved his dream of being a world champion and scrapped with some good fighters. Was part of a good generation of Super Middleweights.


I think going out on a possible loss to DeGale would have haunted him his whole life so it was the right decision.

For similar reasons why Khan won’t take the Brook fight, well the ultimate reason why, but has other financial reasons etc. he can point to, but the risk of a loss to Brook is not worth the reward if you’re in Khan’s position

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Granted, I haven’t read his statement and therefore may have missed a key point, but why are we acting like a boxer retiring is final? The fuckers do it all the time and come back for another fight. He could very feasibly be back for one more big fight, and the fact that he’d be “coming out of retirement” can only help the financial package he’ll get. Could still see this Degale fight happening.


I’m pretty sure it’s final with Groves, he’s been messed up physically with a bad shoulder injury and also mentally after leaving an opponent with life-changing injuries, even tho he’s had other fights since then


Anyone been listening to the Hurricane tapes on BBC sport. Fascinating interviews with Reuben Carter on his career and imprisonment. Some story this would recommend.


Joshua will fight Jared Miller in MSG. Which probably is a gimme fight for Joshua. Remember Miller fought CroCop in kickboxing 5/6 years ago.


James DeGale v Chris Eubank Jr on Saturday.

Jr seems strangely quiet and out of sorts. Even his dad is playing down his chances in a roundabout way.


If DeGale takes this fight seriously he’ll win it comfortably. Eubank Jr is limited as a boxer


I won’t get any satisfaction out of seeing CEJ just getting beat. I’d love to see him floored.


Didn’t realise how good tonight’s card is.

Joe Joyce v Stiverne and Lee Selby on the cards.

Everyone has their own plans this evening, while this is on TV! So I have to watch this at home…alone and with a crate of beer? Fine, if I must!!!