Bloodred Cannon Shooters vs Baby Blue Sandsurfers: NEW BEGINNINGS




Will De Bruyne be back?


Someone said he won’t be starting the first game or two


He hasn’t even returned to training yet.

Man City do have most of their team back though, so all that “this is the best time to play them” talk now seems rather silly :see_no_evil:

They look pretty strong today for the community shield, so i’d Imagine the team they put out v us next week will beat us pretty easily. Unfortunately.


The reason it may be better to play the best teams early is that things tend not to “go straight chalk” (i.e., lower percentage the game goes by the book) and there is more randomness in the first few games… when City is going full steam, I’d rather not play them. Having said that, it is a double-edged sword so we could equally look disjointed and disorganized compared to a month or two from now.

I like it simply because it is an interesting test and I actually think we have a pretty decent squad spirit atm and it looks ready to compete - exceptions at the moment seem to be LB and Ramsey (and who knows what is going on with Ramsey). Obviously Torreira and a couple of others aren’t fully fit or integrated, but now they have minutes under their belt and can probably contribute from the bench.


He is gonna play for sure. Guardiola likes to trick the media, the bald fucking cunt. Let’s smash them!!!


That’s what we like to hear Luca, early season fighting talk . COYG


Going to say 2-1 to City with them snatching it very late on.


With Wenger you would have said 5-0 to them :grimacing:


What a surprise…lolol


I was not expecting to see Hank Scorpio mentioned in that post, outstanding work :joy:

BTW @Cristo , you say “For Calum”, but considering I mentioned your Bournemouth post the other day, I can’t help but think you had what I said, more in mind :smiley:

As for the match, well exciting new beginnings. I have no idea what to expect or the scoreline, but as long as there’s a buzz about the place and everyone gets behind the team, then maybe we can start the season solidly.


Hahaha agreed, it was you and @Leper that got me to do it but the for Calum was because he said he doesn’t like these match threads of mine :joy:


Pep looks such a prick in that photo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh :open_mouth: Where did he say such blasphamy?! That statement is even more outragous than a Rosicky curling pass.


AMN LB Vs Mahrez :gabriel: :gabriel:


Not sure if that is in response to my prediction but I do find it hilarious if you think tipping us to lose narrowly to arguably the greatest EPL team of all time being negative.


Because Monreal’s legs would do well against him lol.
Christ! Someone of you still think :wenger2: is our manager. Stay positive FFS!


Dood AMN is the bird catcher. Gonna shit on Mahrez tbh.


You watch what you say about my Pepcito farfalle boy!