Blocked Ears


My ears have felt like they’ve been blocked for a few weeks now and are just getting full of so much ear wax at the moment, it’s actually so disgusting and really annoying. So I’ve been watching some strange videos on youtube but actually really satisfying as well, they are basically of people getting ear wax irrigation and I really want to have it done because it looks like it would be so helpful right now.

I’ve been watching loads of videos like this one


It’s really not something I’d watch videos of.

Just get it done. Usually it’s a matter of a couple of minutes and it isn’t painful at all.


Omg @LukeTheGooner a few weeks ago I had a terrible earache and assumed I was getting an ear infection, then I woke up with no hearing in my right ear.

The wife took me to Urgentcare and they put drops in ans irrigated my ear. They eventually extracted what my wife referred to as “an earwax octopus” from the rignt ear. I never got a chance to see it so I can’t vouch for what it looked like. All I can say is that the relief was instantaneous and amazing.

Best of luck!


You probably have a lego block or a crayon or some shit stuck in them. I’d recommend seeing a GP.


I think this is one of those occasions where ‘NSFL’ needs to be put in the title. That’s disgusting. :gunnersaurus:


disgusting but strangely satisfying at the same time


Get them syringed bro… Totally worth it!


did they do the same as in the video to you?


They sure did. Can’t recommend it enough lol


From my experience with the NHS you can’t just book an ear syringe any more. In fact for the last 3-4 years it’s seen as a last resort measure due to the possibility of perforated eardrums. It fucking sucks because basically it means use eardrops constantly until the wax finally withers away and fucks off or pay good money for private ear irrigation/syringe treatment. Don’t be surprised if your GP does all they can to avoid any talk of syringing.


If you have a sister borrow one of her hair clips and dig the wax out yourself. Then return the hair clip. Problem solved.


Here is a tip for dissolving earwax and breaking it down and you might be able to remove it yourself with a home ear wax syringe. Put Hydrogen Peroxide (3% NO HIGHER) in your ear via a dropper, you will hear it fizzing and you will probably see foam coming out of your ear this is the HP breaking down infection bacteria and the earwax let it soak for a good 10 minutes, do this a few time during the day then you can self syringe well get someone to do it for you of course and it will all plop out easily!


Luke I had the exact same problem this year. Sometimes it isn’t wax, but other shite

Get your ears syringed/go see the doctor and what they say.

THEN, use vaseline and cotton wool to block your ears when youre in the shower, to stop water entering your ear canal prevent it happening again.


Don’t you fill your ear up with olive oil or something for a week then return to see the nurse or gp and they syringe it out ?
My mate had a peanut stuck in his ear and the dr made him put chocolate in his ear … After a week it came out a Treat :slight_smile: