Best players with underwhelming careers/CVs

I’ll start with two obvious ones;

Totti and Shearer.

Two immense players who basically won fuck all. Totti has the World Cup but aside from that he won 3 major domestic honours in 25 years. The Serie A under Capello’s Roma and a couple of Coppa Italia wins in what I imagine was the Spalletti days.

Shearer is arguably one of the best strikers of his generation but you can only point to his PL title win with Blackburn as being his major career success.


Matthew Le Tissier. Could have been amazing, couldn’t be bothered to leave Southampton and quite clearly liked a pint.


Harry Kane :smirk:


Van Persie, van der Vaart and Ozil.


I forgot about the spain stuff. And the league titles look a bit padded too, tbf. Guess I’m just a CL snob.

Not just the Spain stuff. 3 League titles, 4 domestic Cups and an Europa League is not underwhelming imo ;).

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Yeah, I posted that and then looked and he’s actually done quite a bit better than I remembered.

The twat.

I think that’s all you need to have a good CV! :mustafi:

But to answer the question, I think an honorable mention should go to Antonio Di Natale from Udinese. Not even close to ever being the best striker in Italy but he still played for the national team a lot.



Eden has won quite a lot two. 3 League titles, 2 Europa League, 3 or 4 domestic cups. But like Fabregas he hasn’t got the Champions League.

Oh, Cesc. I was guessing Hazard as Persona removed the name :grin:

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Two Seire A titles in the early 80s is no joke but I’d still put Liam Brady on this list. He never even got to play at a major international tournament.


We’re trying to make a list of actually good players with underwhelming careers not mediocre players who were totally frauds and eventually got exposed proving me right all along. Right @Phoebica?


This was more common pre-PL days. Although that whole Spurs team have no medals to show for their hardwork. Especially Kane and Son.

Des Walker was on par with Tony Adams. He only had a couple of League Cup winning medals.

Gary Linekar was a top scorer at a world cup and near at another. His only team honours were a Spanish cup and cup winners cup at Barce and an FA Cup at Spurs.

Glen Hoddle was world class and the English Platini, he only had a French league title, a couple of FA Cups and a UEFA Cup. Not bad but for a player of his talents you’d expect more

Same with Gazza, world class generational player, with just an FA Cup and a couple of Scottish titles to show for it.

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Roberto Baggio. Considered by some to be the best Italian playmaker of his generation, he played in serie a for 20 years, including for Juve, Milan, and Inter, but only won two scudettos, one coppa italia, and never the champions league.

What about Gerrard? Never won the league.

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Gabriel Bastituta, loyalty doesn’t always pay.


@RockyMaivia Double Copa America’s though. Probably should have moved sooner though.

Tbf I think his loyalty to Fiorentina one of his coolest aspects. I was just being cute :wink:

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What about Marta? Never won the World Cup with Brazil. Unlucky to be born during total dominance from the US team at international tournaments.

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