Best National Anthems

I’m sure we all love a jolly tune, whenever a particular national anthem, is blasted out, so figured might be fun to see what anthems are generally liked.

I’ll get the ball rolling.

Three I particularly like are the French, Italian and Brazilian ones. The kinda anthems you really want to get carried away with :grin: The Brazilian one, in particular at Football matches, when the crowd carries on with the full version well after the FIFA version has ended is always special to hear :smiley:

the unofficial Austrian anthem… it’s probably sung more loudly and proudly than the actual one, though the real one is good too

Definitely not god save the fucking queen.

Would win the worst one easily. #NotMyAnthem



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Don’t worry, it’ll be God Save The King soon :wink:

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Our for sure :wink:

Italy’s hands down. The good things about Ferrari winning again is that you get to hear it at the F1.

Contenders for the worse is God Save the Queen and the Spanish national anthem.


No doubt:

The surprisingly spritely sounding Monaco anthem,

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I win!


That’s not the Wales national anthem.

That was fucking immense in fairness. For all the good it did ye. :sunglasses: :hugs:

I can’t stand the Brazil and Italian anthems. They almost sound out of tune. Obviously the Swedish national anthem is the best :+1: but Russia/CCCP is a masterpiece!

Biased but Italy is always so good. That wales one as well as flower of Scotland always makes my spine tingle, and Russia too good shout doc

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Italy’s and russias imo

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