Best Individual Arsenal Player Performance


So as the title says or BIAPP for short what is the best performance in one game you’ve ever seen from any Arsenal player ever, you can go back as far as you want with this

I have 2 that I can think of right now, the first is the Arshavin 4 goals against Liverpool and the second is that famous Jack Wilshere performance against Barcelona (not sure what year it was though)

How about you lot?


Cazorla vs Manchester City

Julio Baptista vs Liverpool

Francis Coquelin vs Everton


Diaby vs. Liverpool



Arshy vs. Liverpool… I thought we were going to kick on from there I really did… But we couldn’t even win that match let alone a title.


Cesc vs Juventus in the CL 2006


Santi honestly looked like his kid toying with people in that city match. Making people look stupid lol.


Maybe Henry at the San Siro when we won 5-1 in 2003.


You stole my thunder :henry:


Bergkamp hat trick against Leicester.
The third goal was similar to the one he scored for Holland in the World Cup semi final, except with his other foot.
Probably the best hat trick scored by any player.


DB10 vs Leicester
Henry vs Leeds 04


Cygan Vs Fulham, 2005



Jens vs Pool, even though we lost that game.


Going to go for an obscure one but I was on holiday at the time and remember watching it in a bar.

Mannone vs Fulham 2009. Fantastic clean sheet and some wonderful saves in the same game.


Robin van Persie against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in 2011/12 season.


Özil against United at the Emirates last season was one of the best in recent times for sure.


Kanu vs Chelski, single handledly fckd them up ?! I mean he scored from a corner ffs !?