Best/favourite FA Cup win?

I originally made this thread on the old Forum two years ago, but now seems like a good time to recreate it once again, on the back of this magificant victory today.

So…out of the 13, which is your favourite or our best FA Cup win? :wenger:

Would be nice to hear reasons for choosing a particular triumph over others.

  • 1930
  • 1936
  • 1950
  • 1971
  • 1993
  • 1998
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2005
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2017

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2014 as we hadn’t been waiting for a trophy for so long :slight_smile:

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2017, In term of match quality (best FA Cup Final in years) probably Wenger’s best FA Cup win cause we were written off by everyone (I didn’t fancy us) and we blew Chelsea off the pitch, they didn’t play half bad either. We should have beaten them 6 or 7, we missed a lot of chances. Going to be tough to beat this one.

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James… give us youngsters details. What was 1950 like?


Has to be 1930 for me. What a day that was


This one by a mile. We were underdogs for the only final I can remember, arguably the same for the semis but we rose to the occasion. Every other one we’ve been favourites or equals (in my lifetime at least)

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I’ve only seen the last 3 wins but definitely today. We won against the odds and it was an intense match which should’ve been a much bigger scoreline.

I KNEW you would come in with something like this :joy:

It was a very good final. I paid 2 shillings and a cup of tea to watch this match. I had my racky spinny fan too on the day, it was a rather spiffing final if I say so madam :sunglasses:


I think you over paid

[quote=“Phoebica, post:9, topic:1505”]
I think you over paid
[/quote]Cheaper than a night out with you though :poldi:

Seriously though would have to be 2014. This comes 2nd though and I loved 2015 as well because it was a stroll in the park and you could actually enjoy it as you knew before KO we would easily win and the match was just a countdown to the trophy lift

If you could somehow merge 2014 and 2015 it still wouldn’t come close to how great today was.


That’s it. @shamrockgooner has my mod of the year vote.



We weren’t expected to win in 2005. That was probably one of Wenger’s best tactical victory betting on penalties and we were the underdogs, whilst keeping United at bay.

Particularly in the context of what was going on in Austria at the time. And of course economical climate in Greater London.

Hands down 1930.

In all seriousness it has to be 2005…

How can anyone say otherwise? It was dirty, and ended an era.

2002 is always a personal favourite for me. They showed the goals from it on tv earlier on and it brought back all the memories from that day.

But today was certainly very special. It’s the fact we were against the odds, and completely unexpected. Considering everything I’d probably have to go with today

2003 and 2015 were obviously good, but not particularly special to me.


Yeah, 2002 was special for me. I didn’t get to watch the 98 final live so it was the first double I witnessed live.

I think it would be between that and 2014…2014 was a time of real optimism for me about the club, and I was almost in tears after the final seeing how happy Wenger was, plus that moment of Santi stepping up and taking that FK is just unforgettable for me, it was a special “fuck this, I’m not having it” moment.

This would be a strong third place. I feel like I’ve been kind of losing my love for Arsenal, and with it watching football this season, but today before the game and during/after it was the first time I’ve really felt that love coming back. It used to be almost every time I watched Arsenal play I would get an irresistible urge to go out and play football myself…the last couple of years it’s been the opposite. Today was one of those days…I had to go to a birthday party for a good friend after but honestly all I really wanted to do was go play.

Still would put it after 2002 and 2014, though, because there are still those negative feelings about next season, or for example instead of after the final whistle just feeling brilliant about everything thinking, “oh god, I wish Arsène would go out on this note, but I know he won’t”, or dreading the inevitable disappointments that will come with our summer business and holding on to certain players we shouldn’t, not bringing in certain players we should, and above all not bringing in a new manager, and potentially losing a phenomenal player like Alexis.

Still, probably the best performance I’ve seen from Arsenal in a long time, and a fully deserved FA Cup victory after beating genuinely good opposition, makes it special. I also have gone full 180 (yeah I know, how unlike me, to do a 180!) on Ramsey.

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2014 was the absolute one. Fuck Chelsea and fuck this forgettable season.

That season, after 9 long years, it was just everything. One of the few days the millenial arsenal generation gave up wenger in / wenger out, stopped the pretentious bullshit; and just turned into one huge family.

I wont ever forget that day.

2014 was fantastic, but beating Chelsea today was even better, especially with how the team was written off by many (including me) before the match started, against the champions, who put up one of the highest point hauls in PL history.

But even that is beaten by 2005 for me. The lads, the original lads. No Henry, no problem. Proceeded to shithouse Fergie’s United for 120 mins and win the cup. They were by far the better team but they fucked it.

Jen was imperious, and Vieira took the winning penalty to just hammer it home. Great stuff.

FAO @AbouCuellar something for your enjoyment at 2:25


for me it has to be 2014 as it was my first time seeing arsenal win a trophy and that was really special for me, 2015 was good as well but not as exciting and I haven’t watched the Chelsea one yet so I can’t say