Best 10s/Creative attacking midfielders you've seen

Bergkamp counts. Del Piero doesn’t (not creative enough). Raúl doesn’t (not creative enough). Neymar doesn’t (too widey/forwardy). Messi doesn’t (too Messi-y). Baggio does. Ronaldinho does. Fábregas does, so does Gerrard. Don’t argue, thems the rules.

C’mon you fuckers, actually make a list this time.

  1. Laudrup
  2. Iniesta
  3. Zidane
  4. Ronaldinho
  5. Bergkamp
  6. Nedved
  7. Özil
  8. Riquelme
  9. Kaka
  10. Baggio

10b. Fábregas

*was in nappies when Maradona was Maradona, not putting coke addict Sevilla Maradona on that list.


Bruh. It’s your list. But Kaka that low can’t be justified?! Only reason, which is also very debatable, is longevity…



That is all.


Let’s see yours (you’re right though, you convinced me to put Kaka over Baggio :grinning:, even though for some reason I really didn’t want to put Baggio 10th).

That’s my credentials sealed.

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C’mon mate, fill out your list of ten (or fifteen), your list is the most interesting here haha

Curious if Liam Brady would make it? :thinking:

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Bernd Schuster would make it.


Gunter Netzer

No Maradona eh :thinking:

Are we talking English tens or Argentinian tens?


Goes without saying surely. Brady yes. Really in all honesty Arsenal under Neil and Howe stifled his talent.

Honorary mention for Hoddle and Zola.

Zola over anyone on my list? Dunno…

Let’s see that list :heart_eyes:, you already got almost 10 named

Can’t believe you have Ozil in there. The guy does no tackling or tracking back. Cant remember the last time he did a slide tackle.

Brilliant player.

Shame he was named Glenda

Wonder if this is going to be said about some other players 10/20/30 years from now :grimacing:.

You STFU and make a list you hup hup hollander you

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Hahahahahaha :joy::joy::rofl:

I’m not going to list them in order. Messi, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Ribery, Sneijder, Ozil, Hazard, Fabregas, Silva.

Since I’m only religiously following football since 2005-ish I’ve left the likes of Bergkamp, Zidane and Nedved out. Never seen them on their peak. And I don’t want to hear about Messi and that he doesn’t fit the bill. He does.


You are such a non-conformist :joy:

Not sure who takes the cake between you and AF for most contrarian

Ribery, Hazard are not 10s or strictly creative attacking midfielders :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Now comes the realisation I probably don’t get to put Iniesta on my list :sob:

If they are not that than what are they? Their passing and just the general way how those two play the game puts them in the not winger category for me.