Bernd Leno (19)


Leno is a player living off the hype of what four, five years ago?

He’s spent an awfully lot of time in keeper purgatory for him to be exactly what we need tbh, if he signs time will tell but yeah it seems more unlikely than not.


Obviously I was exaggerating with the 306 number – but yeah, Leno isn’t spectacular. It won’t be hard to find another goalie of his level or better. There are several better ones in the Bundesliga for a start (and in 2.Bundesliga now that Horn has been relegated).

I’ve said it before, but Lafont from Toulouse would be my preferred option if we’re not going top level.


I’d have liked Lafont as well - lots of upside still, huge, promising prospect for a while and now solid, consistent starter already.


Transfer prices have gone up loads since then. Back then Hazard for £30m was allot of money, United baulked at the agent fee. Now you’d consider 100m for Hazard to be a bargain.


Which I said repeatedly in my comments.

100 million for Hazard is still NOT a bargain.


Not sure about others but i wouldnt.


Well it kind of would be considering Mbappe cost 180m Euros and Coutinho cost 140m

It’s been a while since a top GK talent moved but Ederson cost City 35m


Of course, as they are both germans :mustafi:

Apart from joke, Bundesliga is full of good players so it’s good to have someone like Sven who knows the league very well.


Interesting how massive this inflation really is. Does anyone knows why? Is tv income really the cause, and if so what lead to it. I don’t think the advertising market has grown all that much in this time frame, and I don’t think the audience has grown either (the European population is stagnating). Maybe third-world countries have started watching European football?

LE. Maybe it’s just a bubble.
LE. Also, oil money played a big part.


Super rich owners with unlimited amount of cash injecting huge sums to the footballing market. The increased popularity of the PL around the globe and bigger tv deals every season.


Torriera is the only potential signing that I’m excited about so far, the other 3 are just pretty meh.


I think Cechs finished tbh . He is still a very good keeper but his best has long since gone .
Time for a new keeper .


Time for a new keeper and groom him to play for us for a long period of time.


I feel the same, but would we have ever had 3 to 4 first team transfers sorted before a world cup under Wenger?

You have to applaud the intent at the very least, This is the change we wanted right? We’ll see about the performance level of the players later


Yeah I can’t disagree with that.


I thought he had been called-up for Germany as 3rd choice keeper. Good for us, then. He can sign immediately.


Yeah good for us being able to sign a player because he’s not one of the three best goalkeepers in his country.

Very convenient :ok_hand:


Surely the price being reported isnt realistic?


As much as I do agree with your point I also feel like the transfer window closing nearly a month earlier probably plays a big role in us speeding up our business.

Not to take away from your point though as I do agree with you.


Thought the same. They allow him to leave and already has the replacement in place. But you never know with these clubs selling to the Premier League.